Ridiculous Photoshopping

Just spotted this beauty…


Check out the pictures… I mean why photoshop a famine cottage selling for €50k?
N it looks like the weather may have been ok on the day the pics were taken anyway.

All it’s missing is the wide camera lens to give the cottage a sense of space :slight_smile:


“Yeah I know it looks odd but sure just bung it up on the f*cking website, will ya…”

1 Bedroom, 10 Bathrooms


That’ll be the one organic acre… as long as you keep eating your muesli, you keep your land organic. Personally, I think you can dig more than ten holes on an acre…

Seamless photoshopping there :slight_smile:

Obviously not the work of the Pins Photoshop maestro. He’d have put in a nice Ferrari & maybe a couple of strippers :mrgreen:

I will offer 16 fish, a camel, delaney’s donkey and a bag of acid

they’re obviously aiming for the Psychadelic soul searching brigade.

I do like the way the clouds are the exact same in the first and second photos - its the attention to detail that really counts.

“It can easily qualify as an organic farm and with the help of a poly tunnel self and self sufficiently is very achievable, after planting some fruit trees etc and keeping livestock such as chickens, kone kone pigs a Kerry cow or some goats or ponies. This could also supplement a family’s income by selling off surplus fruit and organic vegetables in the local Country markets.”

What is a kone kone pig and where do you get them?

It looks like you just stumbled onto the set of the teletubbies!

Well this is Ireland, so the EA probably expects the new owner to claim CAP subsidies for 2,000 Hectares of Wheat & 800 cattle.

Hundreds and even thousands of photos are often done in batch jobs so many will be rushed. Its nothing unusual. They use to be printed in very small in papers so it was less obvious as print is not very high def where as the net is showing things in another light.

Can you see crazy in a different light? This is just ridiculous… my guess is the EA got tired of playing solitaire n decided to spruce up every picture they’d ever taken :slight_smile:

How 'bout this one → daft.ie/searchrental.daft?id=863647

Or this one…


If only it was so easy to repair a roof in real life.

Incredible. Literally.

I love it…

How many folk want to live in a flippin Corn Mill eh? Even if it is restored to it’s former glory :slight_smile:

Looking at the photo of the D7 Rental:
Am I right in assuming that the following - a large hallway, a large fully fitted kitchen, 4 double bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, living room, and storage.
Plus all the noted goodies such as Parking (or stabling in this case?!?) Central Heating Cable Television Washing Machine Dryer Dishwasher Microwave Internet …


hey - what can I tell you - its a big monument.


In photo 4 they took out the blue sky and forgot to replace it. So there’s a seagull floating against a white empty vaccuum. But then they fix it in the next one, damn near seamless.