Ridiculous Photoshopping

Damn it!

I just don’t think they are trying hard enough to sell this beautiful apartment!

Photoshopping isn’t near enough to get your property noticed in this market!

Popped an email off to them - offering my services and my patented “Hendrixshopping” technique.

Lads, it’s now removed from the ad! :smiley:
By the power of thepropertypin… WGU has the power!

Tut! Tut! Tut!

Depriving all these people of the pleasure of seeing it in all it’s glory!!!


Guess we’ll have to fill the gap:

As it was on Daft -

Photo 4:

Photo 5:

And one Hendrixshopping later:


But is that the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and a meteorite? That could be an indicator of weakening yields…

Or indeed the full-screen effect…
blue_sky_nothing_but_blue_sky by yoganmahew, on Flickr

It won’t be bad until Mr. Staypuffed appears…

Here’s a case where some photoshopping wouldn’t have gone amiss

Either that or they’re selling the place back in the mid 90s…
(first pic)


(screenshot in case it vanishes)


700 yoyos a month to live under a railway bridge?

How much for a park bench?

What you’re failing to remark upon is the fact that all these agents are time poor. What with potential buyers knocking on their doors and all those sales to process you can forgive them for the lack of attention in the photoshopping department. I can see it now, in between the 230pm viewing at Belmayne and the 315pm viewing at Spencer Dock they probably had 10mins to ‘google image search’ Clontarf Church

You know you can’t have a sky like that and not put Willy Wonka’s boat, a c.1900’s mens rowing team and a venetian Gondala floating down the beautiful aquamarine blue liffey

I could have swung the Wonkatania.

A rowing team and a Gondola would surely not have looked conspicuous.

But an aquamarine blue Liffey???

Too far!

Problem is though, who’s going to feed the Gondola?


Oh I don’t think the property is under the bridge, I’m just amazed at how poorly chosen the photo was :slight_smile:

Sweet God almighty!!!


The sky is ripped asunder…

There are strange objects hovering…

It can mean only one thing…


Do the sellers never actually check the ads that an EA has put up. They probably take more care with a lawnmower they are selling on donedeal.



A few more…


All from the same agent too. Must’ve started a night course in Photoshop, but couldn’t be arsed after the first week…

The sunny South Central :laughing:

2 bed apartments are holding their value rather well over the past 10 months. Only down to 215k from 235k as per myhome.ie/residential/brochu … n-8/253662

Pic # 6 is still skyless tho

And as for the google map location…

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: