Right To Housing "The World" Referendum

House the World in Ireland and make it a constitutional right for all the world?

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There’ll be no voting our way out of this.

You can only vote your way into socialism, not out.


Our only hope is that a fed up electorate, pre-election, decide to take this only available chance to give the government a good hiding. This push to remove property rights may backfire on the establishment.


You start pushing back now. You don’t wait. You push back now. Push back. Now.

The government aren’t going to back-burner this referendum. No siree. They need it. So badly, they won’t consider the consequences of losing it - but the political theatre of the ref. campaign will keep the people off their backs and distracted while they run down the clock and push through legislation that will be even worse in its impact.


What’s the argument against this?
What’s the argument for this?

Anyone on a housing waiting list, or who can’t afford a house, or are just paying more rent than they would like, will vote for this without reading a thing about it.

98% of under 25s will automatically vote for it too.


Is there a free house for all who emigrated post GFC?
Can they all come back and be housed?
How is this to be funded?

Yet. Working on it.

About time.

Video Direct link:


The Plantaiton hordes is one angle, this video kinda get’s a bit closer but I’d already been musing over this, it’s not what it seems, as it never often is.

Consider current context of a property price declines going crashy while serious jobs losses are picking up steam (high value jobs losses), a something worse than a perfect storm when you add in #IrealdnIsFull mass invasions, where we get that scenario that even people who have mortgages will need a “right to housing”, because;

Job gone, economy tanked, house price in the toilet… hey sailor, so you can’t pay your mortgage but you need somewhere to live, ya the rental sector is borked and all those figs hold up in 5-star Hotel waiting on the #FreeGaffs4All, ok we see your problem, how about you sell it to this new fandango NGO’s quango backed by super duper BorgRock super homes 4 all happy-scheme and the best part, you get to stay in your 4ever home till you pop your clogs, oh what’s that you say, you took how many boosters, great, you get a special rate on your mort-rent, just sign here, you won’t feel a thing.

From what I have read anecdotally in the US the likes of BorgRock & Co are posted or actually are hoovering up housing stock.

No doubt it will also be used to facilitate more Borg Blocks built everywhere, Dublin is being exported at pace to rest of Ireland, and clearly it’s a big problem that is not going away, but don’t be surprised if it’s used to keep the native dull to the true ransack and nation all around by letting them stay in their gaff, it’s much like the incredible forbearance seen post GFC in 2008, otherwise they nation woudl have revolted, but they let the steam out gently over time, knowing they had the pandemic and then this massive swindle in the bag.

The Menace plays the long game.

More than 15 years after the economic and real estate collapse of the Celtic Tiger, a total of 75 so-called “ghost estates” are still in existence throughout Ireland.

That’s a good point, setup a Hegelian direct right before the vote, for some tension and release, but, how will the extra-newly homeless vote YES 4 FREE GAFF… oh yea, An Post have that sorted too :whistle:


Wow. Just search twitter for “right to housing”. It’s everywhere this last month. Canada. Taiwan. USA. Switzerland. Germany. Just to name a few… it’s everywhere right now.

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Especially when people call on you to give your home for housing of Ukranians and you can conveniently refer them to your landlord (the OPW!)

Piece today on the news about the gender equality referendum announcement - regime correspondent says the issue requires multiple changes to the constitution and so multiple questions would be put to the people and could include questions related to housing. And there you have it. They’ll use a different constitutional issue (Women in the home) as a Trojan Horse to sneak through the more insidious move with it as if it’s just another tick box.


This has been coming a while (from 2021):

The dysgenics are palpable.
Old constitution - ‘common good’ = family
New constitution - ‘common good’ = removal of property rights