Right To Know


Building on the success of TheStory.ie, Gavin Sheridan & Co. have launched an interesting project called ‘Right To Know’.

I would urge people to dig deep and support it.


Thanks for this. Important stuff. I signed up.


Fair play. I’m not surprised.


I’ll be signing up. Very important stuff and fair play to Gavin. I’d say this sort of thing doesn’t make you many friends.

Worth noting that Right to Know will become the primary organisation and The Story will become its “publishing arm” so it’s important to support this.


Can someone give me a flavour of what this will be about?

What has all those outlets in Scotland, Netherlands etc done?


Here is information on the people involved in it.


Great stuff. Avid reader of thestory. Signed up.


Thankfully they didn’t call it Right2Know.


:laughing: Fortunate indeed. Although you are not the only one making that connection initially…


Indeed. Who can forget how Namawinelake got savaged around here when certain people started to suspect that he was ‘One Of Them’. Link.


meh, pass.


The paranoia is strong with this one…


Here’s why you should care: Gavin does important work unearthing information that the government of the day would prefer you not to see. I believe that in a democracy the government should have almost no secrets from us, because we are the republic. If they know it we should be able to know it absent a compelling reason. Recent governments seem to have the opposite stance and Gavin is one of the few counteracting forces.

In other countries the traditional media may take on this role but Ireland is just to small too support a truly independent news media willing to oppose the government. €50 to Gavin buys a lot more investigative reporting than 20 copies of the Irish Times.


for all that, Sheridan sure has some interesting opinions about what is happening in Syria, which are hardly that of an unbiased ‘journalist’.

why would this adventure be any different?


Never heard of this before but looks like a valuable voice, will support


Linky? Haven’t read any of his stuff about non-Irish news.


he opens his heart on twitter.


Read back a few days but couldn’t find anything re Syria. Then I got bored. What’s the tl;dr?


Firstly thanks for the good wishes and support. There were many threads going back to 2008 on here about the various activities we got up to.

As for the above… On Twitter I tend to call Assad out for what he is. And I’m unashamed of it too. Make of that what you will.


I subscribed to https://www.righttoknow.ie/ and was happy to do so for a limited period. I found that I was signed up for an annual credit card payment, with no apparent way to unsubscribe and not even an email address on the website to make contact. Poor show for an org committed to transparency. Anyone know how to get out of it?

(I discovered that if you click the tiny Download as pdf link on the emailed Stripe payment receipt, there is a Dublin phone number for righttoknow right at the bottom. I wonder if it’s live – much of the stuff on the website hasn’t been updated for a couple of years).