Right To Know


Slightly unrelated, but I saw this promoted very recently


I subscribed to https://www.righttoknow.ie/ and was happy to do so for a limited period. I found that I was signed up for an annual credit card payment, with no apparent way to unsubscribe and not even an email address on the website to make contact. Their twitter account hasn’t tweeted for over a year, and their accounts have not been updated in the same period. Their publishing arm, thestory.ie is down at present, I don’t know if it’s permanent. Poor show for an org committed to transparency. Anyone know how to get out of it?


ps200306, I’m sending you a PM with an email address.


Thanks pm1977. I mailed them an “unsubscription” over the weekend and got a reply by Monday with everything sorted. Seems fair enough, apart from the lack of an official mechanism.


Glad you got sorted, very strange that they don’t have a simple ‘unsubscribe’ button on the site or in emails.