Right2Homes seeking donations

We don’t have an umbrella page for the likes of Freemen/Direct Democracy/New Land League/Debt Options etc. So here’s yet another head on the Hydra – Right2Homes. They are seeking to overturn the Conveyancing Law Reform Act 2013, to go back to the situation post the Dunne Ruling where the banks could no longer seek house repossessions. Apparently Right2Homes exists only to raise funds for other groups who will do the actual work. It is founded and supported by the Legal & Equitable duo of Tom “Constant Markievicz” Darcy (also a founder of the New Land League) and Brian Reilly.

You can find Right2Homes on Facebook, on the web, and of course on their fundraising page, where they have done a blistering trade of almost €50 per day in their first fortnight. Justine McCarthy writes in the Sunday Times that they have averaged almost one donation each and every day!

It looks like Right2Homes exists to fund Tom Darcy’s own legal challenge to the 2013 Act, launched in January with the aid of the Dean of Griffith College School of Law. I presume he has legitimate expenses and that this is not another Rudolphus-Allen Trust type scam. Anyway, scam or not, it doesn’t look like ‘de people’ are rushing in their droves to hand money over.

Enough of my taxes already go towards this kind of shyte.

It could be the best €50 you’ll ever spend.
If it helps you nab a decent pad for yourself and never have to pay back the loan, it would be worth it!

Funny I was thinking we’d a low throughput recently of righteous indignation on the forum aimed squarely in the direction of the free gaff crew and wondered were Casino Owners and Co taking it handy over the summer.

Tom Darcy and his Freeman ilk are great at getting their hands on other peoples money. It is only a matter of time before Tom and Ben and Claire the rest of the lads take over Greece at this rate. :smiley: