Ringfort, Balrothery Affordable housing


Went out to a viewing on Saturday with a friend who is on the affordable housing list. The estate is quite big but from what I could make out it is made up entirely of social and affordable housing.

The houses seem average enough size looking head on from the outside but lengthwise they are half the length of an average family home. Theres only a kitchen, cramped living room and small toilet downstairs and space would be at a premium when you furnish the place. The 3 bedroom houses had one average sized master and two tiny box rooms where you would have to wonder a bed would fit and leave room for any other furniture.

Now these houses are going for €185,000 (2 beds) and €195,000 (3 beds) with discount from the market value of €320,000. To my eyes, these houses would not have a sniff of getting anywhere near €300,000. In fact a private buy with any sense would not even pay the ah price of €185,000. There was plenty of people viewing while I was there but nobody seemed that interested apart from a couple of oddballs who I heard commenting on how big the houses were!

Does anybody know if Fingal Co Co intend bringing their market value prices in line to 2008 or are they still working from the peak of property prices? I think its scandalous charging nearly 200k to live in such conditions taking account of the fact that these are so called affordable homes!

They were probably the developer’s relatives :wink:

Ya think? :open_mouth: :laughing:

Ask about the building materials used. Get an idea of how much or how little it cost to build these grim boxes. Then try and figure out how much a site will be worth beside it in a couple of years.

try €70 sq/ft

Yep, thats Ireland for you. Our new houses are the smallest in the western world. The only way I could imagine living in one of those would be to knock the wall between the two small bedrooms to create one medium sized bedroom.

So make the so called 3 bedroom house into a 2 bedroom house. Otherwise its just not inhabitable.

Heck, go further than that.
Ask for a discount if you take two houses off their hands and knock out the wall between them.

Turn 2 3-bed houses into one decent sized 3 or 4 bed.