Rinse & Repeat - a further €9.1 billion to Anglo and INBS


Incidentially, can I make a prediction …

… and say Anglo will need more than €5 billion to cover a *less than *worst case scenario.
No evidence for this, just a wild stab in the dark :angry:

What a joke. No surprise though to anyone who took a clear view of things back when things first started going askew. Example.

What’s another 9 billion, to someone who’s lost, everything that he owned… :angry:

I hope more of this happens except more quickly than this debt by a thousand cuts. People seem to be immune to this drip feed of corruption. If say 30 billion was thrown at the banks’ black hole in 2011 maybe we could have an awakening and walk away from all this farce.

If there is a Default Party they have my vote!