Rise and fall of a Tiger tycoon - IT 17/07/10

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Whats the problem ? Its all good . Anglo is great , Seanie just bent the truth a little and don’t we have wonderful developments . The thinly disguised corruption and the ripping down of Georgian Dublin is ok aswell . All he is short of is a horse and a stetson .

I was just about to post a link to this. Two lovely quotes:

cognitive dissonance, anyone? :unamused:

So wait, I’ve more of a net worth than Paddy Kelly. Why don’t I get a profile in the Irish Times?

Oh wait wait wait. I’d have to spend a day with Fintan O’Toole.

"I married a woman of independent means?’ ”


No Paddy we all knew you’d be fine, but it’s sure glad to hear it from the horses mouth.

I found this the most interesting part of the article and it’s true to some extent. But he’s still living in a house on Morehampton Road with his wife’s credit card & cash at his disposal - I’m guessing a lot of her ‘independent’ wealth was accumulated from his along the way?

You guess wrong… She is the daughter of Joe Donohue who founded and sold Novum to Fitzwilliam Securities for nearly IR£30 million years ago - and the house is rented.

I bet she thinks she married well!

So that makes her a woman of “independant” wealth?

I hope your mom, I mean I hope his wife didn’t invest in any of those “ingenious” business ventures that either the father or son came up.


There are two type of caliber in this world and so far I’d be happy to see either kind at this stage.

Don’t be a complete prick. I’m not her son.

What a crock of shit Paddy.

Ah, I stand corrected. That’s interesting. Makes the original quote more apt.

Paddy Kelly wasn’t a tiger tycoon.

A foolish debt monkey who managed to fail at everything he touched in business outside property.

Nothing heroic about a charismatic charmer able to borrow money. The heroic part is paying it back.

Searched cbg.ie and found a 2003 7 series BMW saloon second hand for €12,950.


Not sure what kind of a dent that’ll make in a €350m debt. Not that I’m against seizing his assets, just that this seems more for show than anything.

Indeed the car is worth very little. I’m surprised he kept the same one since 2003. For the sort of moneyt his guy was supposed to be worth you could say it was quite modest.