Rise in new estates with no parking in driveway


Has anyone else noticed the rise in new houses which do not have parking in a driveway, but have a designated parking spot or two near the house?

Examples in Cork city I have seen are

Belfield Abbey
daft.ie/cork/houses-for-sal … 622/#img=2

And many of the 65 new houses in Crawford Gate beside Bessborough will not have a spot in the driveway either

as seen in page 11 of 12
s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/media … 5246cb.pdf

For me the problem with that is people coming to visit won’t see your house number painted in the spot, or just not care. Then you come home and don’t know who is parked in your spot so can’t ask them to move!

I also noticed that most new houses that do have a spot in the drive had just one, and as the houses are tight together it means parking outside the front wall isn’t an option.

Those houses which are rented out would increase the problem, as would children when they grow up and have their own cars…


There are a few popping up like that near me. It is enforced by private clampers. Your visitor gets a code or something. Not sure how well it works but there is a system.


its pure greed on the part of developers to pack as many houses as possible onto sites. Also I am not sure how well it is going to work in the upcoming era of electric cars charging from power points tied into individuals or families.


I think it’s more to do with councils wanting to “wean” householders off of having cars, full stop.


In relation to Crawford Gate, what would be of more concern to me is the open plan living on the ground floor (God help the families should a child want to learn the piano or watch a loud movie) and that the over all scheme looks like it was designed by as a homage to Auschwitz-Birkenau.


Gardens are also extremely small now, and three stories are becoming more common.

It’s all down to the land being expensive.


Plus the fact that few people want to live in flats.


Yep this was the aim when Adamstown was built way back when…


SDZs were built along railway lines, deliberately. There is even a mothballed station in Kishogue for Cloonburris SDZ which never got going at all.

The densities required for Strategic Housing, by ABP themselves not so much by councils, is the big determinant today rather than council planners.