Rising Population? Dependant on inward migration

First Graph - I just want to point out that the boom in population that accounts for the surge in the 25 - 35 age bracket are the parents of today and tomorrow.

Our dependency on people coming into the country.

Great work, Blindjustice BATONEFFECT,

What is the source of the source, i.e. what did AIB and CSO base their predictions on?

I haven’t seen any data showing such a marked decrease in immigration?

Found the graphs in the AIB housing report from OCT 06 they in turn got their graphs from the CSO and sources such as that - look at the bottom of the graphs it states the sources!


Are my eyes deceiving me or is that second graph gone into decline already :open_mouth:

The drop off is PROJECTED into 2008 so the drop off does not represent the present or recent past but the possible future.

forfas.ie/ncc/reports/ncc_la … skills.htm

That projected drop off in demand looks steeper than the increase in demand between 2006 and 2007 and also it’s projected to commence from the middle of next month :open_mouth:

finfacts.com/irelandbusiness … 0229.shtml