Rising property prices threat to economy, says Gov Report

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Pity they didn’t give a link to the report in the article, or in the OP.

EK’s comments however are as inane as you would expect…


The headline for this article, “Rising property prices threat to economy, says Government”, was mentioned at the beginning of the Marion Finnucane radio show this morning.

Ironically, the only effect this article, or headline, and other such media reports, will have on property prices is to trigger a “buy now or suffer the consequences” effect on people thereby further pushing up the price of property .

I’m sure the Irish Times, RTE and the Gov’t are not aware of this effect 8- .

hard to credit that only a few short years from the worst property crash in the history of the state,we are now talking about the rising prices posing a threat to the economy…I would have expected a decade to have passed before I saw such headlines.

T’will all be grand!

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