Riverwalk Court, Ratoath -Fire hazard

I listened to this last week
newstalk.com/podcasts/Breakf … apartments

Which is just incredible

Following on from this, there was another report on RTE i think but i cant find the link

The developers were linked to dodgy accounting in Liechtenstein and serious criminals based out of the same address

EDIT - i cant find it but the following links were had

Elk house ireland -
stubbsgazette.ie/roifreesear … TED/344059

And its directors

the same address and name popped up here
theguardian.com/business/200 … rbusiness9
foxnews.com/story/2005/10/21 … qaeda.html

Examiner Newspaper – Mick Clifford

irishexaminer.com/ireland/co … 36965.html

irishexaminer.com/ireland/su … 37091.html

irishexaminer.com/viewpoints … 37090.html

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Michael clifford again. Guess the other papers arent interested.
irishexaminer.com/ireland/re … 39667.html

Today FM with Matt Cooper ( 24 min)
todayfm.com/player/listen_ba … per_Part_2

newstalk.com/podcasts/Breakf … apartments

Newstalk – Ciaran Healy
newstalk.com/REPORT:-Another … y-concerns


utv.vo.llnwd.net/o16/LMFM/2015/0 … 160615.mp3

16th June created by Ciara Courtney reporter from LMFM who came onsite to listen to the story …Go to 20 min 30 secs


Riverwalk Court - Two little words we would give our hearts & souls to never have heard. Proud is something we never really felt living there. We tried to put a brave face on but deep down we knew something was not right, though never could we have dreamed it was as dangerous as we have since discovered.

It’s not a life, it’s an existence. We know there are people going through so much worse in their lives but it’s still really unfair that all the residents of Riverwalk Court did was purchase homes in good faith & yet we continue to be the only ones paying for this mess. We pay with our health, constantly stressed & worried, all the while trying to put a brave face on. We pay with our futures as while this drags on we don’t have one, simple as that. We are stuck in limbo where normal life goes on around us

The apartments came with all the requisite sign-offs (engineers, fire safety officers and surveyors) and documents. Fire plans are signed off on at planning/drawing stages so nobody actually inspects the building after it is complete – and as unbelievable as that seems, it is legally fine.

Very sorry for your troubles. I live in Ratoath myself and can only empathise every day I drive by the erected scaffolding.

By the way your facebook link doesn’t appear to be working.

Thanks yes… finding it difficult to share our Facebook page link… but if you could look under Riverwalk Court Residents
That scaffolding onsite you see is the culmination of arduous investigations and negotiations with Premier Insurance ( exp to take 10 months)
to address:
a. Water Ingress to building & resulting building/ timber damage
b. Damage to Weather Envelope
c. Balcony defects
However it will not address any of the serious Fire Issues in Riverwalk Court.

This was the “dream”

independent.ie/unsorted/prop … 93249.html

A leading Insurance company Zurich has refused Insurance Cover since 15.8.14 due to concerns over “Quality of Construction and Finish”

Thanks for your posts and sympathy for your situation. It’s another example of corrupt/incompetent developers and the lack of oversight by relevant authorities. Have Meath co co washed there hands of this situation??