Riverwood and Luttrelstown

Hi, anyone know what prices are like inthe riverwood/luttrelstown area. Looked at daft/myhome and there seems to be massive price differences like
450k for a 3 bed
daft.ie/searchsale.daft?sear … 0&offset=0

or 320k for accross the road
daft.ie/searchsale.daft?sear … 0&offset=0
and i swear that i saw a 3 bed a few days ago for 290k

If you download the Property Bee Firefox add-on you can see the price history of each property: property-bee.com/. It might give you some insight into where the (asking) prices are going.

BTW there is no good reason for any price differentials in that part of D15. Apart from localized snobbery/insanity.

I live in D15. The only reason that I can see for the asking price differentials is that some people have a better grasp of reality than others. There have are places out here that have been on the market for God knows how long because the vendors are still looking for 2006 money . A small minority are copping on, which would correspond to the slightly more “realistic” prices you are seeing.

thanks for the replys, it just looks like a good are to live in but the price differences accross the estates are massive so i didnt know if there were problems in the area or if the owners were still living in a dream land. cheers

I live close to there, Most people are still in La La land, and also belive that this area is in Castleknock, (Not Carpenterstown / Luttrellstown ) prices are very sticky for this reason.
The residents assoation will give you a better feel for the small amount of anti social problems locally.

I looked long and hard at the area and remember the time when I got thrilled when one of those 3b came down to 416k. “Look wife this is going to be snapped in no time!” (this was a year ago almost) and the damn place is still on the market. And those mock Tudor 3b in Luttrellstown were going for 550k and 600k+ during the peak. Ludicrous! There is one now at 299k yellow 3b and 340k asking for the mock Tudor, not bad for the money. But I can afford to pay more so I am no longer looking at the area. What turned me away was the distance from Castlenock / Blanchardstown villages and the complete absence of a settled feel one gets in Laurel Lodge for example. Also I have a lot of doubt about the houses built during the frenzy and Riverwood / Luttrellstown will be getting out of warranty shortly if you know what I mean.

Having lived in the area for the last 6 years, the first 3 as an owner occupier and the last 3 as a renter, I’ve seen the ups and more recently the downs of property values in the neighbourhood. At the height of it 3 beds were going for up €450 to €500k and 4 beds up to €600k. As devolopemnets go Riverwood was poorly built, sound insulation and the foot print of the individual roads are terrible, they squeezed as many houses into the land space as possible with little regard to parking or footpaths in fact most of the houses have no footpaths outside the house. The area also has a large rental community which is evident when you walk around the estate and see all the neglected properties probably about 30% rental (me included) 70% owner occupied. The high prices were because of the “Castleknock” address which is nonsence when its nearer to Clonsilla than Castleknock, I think the offical address from An Post is Carpenterstown. In the past month or so a lot of these ex -rental properties have come on the market which have brought prices down, probably because the absentee landlords not wanting to have to pay property tax in the upcoming budget.
If you really want to buy in the area have a look around at night time or early morning and you’ll see all the cars parked on both sides of the already narrow roads.
Schools are also a problem in the area with not enough places especially at Primary level.
On a positive note it has good transport links with Maynooth line train and the 37 bus and a close proximety to the M50.

Owner occupier in Riverwood, 5 years there and 2 years previous in Fernleigh, newer scheme off the Diswellstown Rd. Would agree with some of AH’s points - although some 3b’s peaked at €550, 4 beds €660 at the height of the madbness. Agree that some of the estates do not cater too well with the Irish two car mentality or where many tenants occupy a house each with a car. Where we are is better - the roads are wider and cars can be accommodated easier. So not endemic. Density is also not too bad - bearing in mind the houses were buildt in 1999, so probabbly planned and laid out in mid to late 90’s. Would agree with the rental levels - we are in a scheme of a dozen on our road, but would say up to half are rented. Have to say they’re kept recently ok - no 4 foot high grass. We know most of the landlords who were ex-tenants that traded up and out at the height of the bubble.
The whole castleknock think is a joke - we are just under 3 miles from CK, nearer Clonsilla and a good walk from Blanch centre (25 minutes). There’s a bus that goes there as well. Agree with the transport links - the main reason we bought there is links to town. Regular commuter trains (won’t get a seat, but where else would you on busy commuter line). Links to M50 ok. Schoolswise, we are confident of a place in one of the 3 primary schools for our young lad. Neighbours just had their little fella enrolled in Luttrellstown, and turned dorns palces from the otehr 2 primary schools. So capacity seems to be getting better. It’s the Secondary schools that are tyhe next issue - the local community college is maxxed out.

Completely agree with AH.
Transport links are good and time into the city very short. Need to check where you are in estates as some of the houses would be a pretty long walk to train.
However, my own personal opinion would be to avoid Riverwood or Luttrelstown - very busy with traffic and primary school places are very difficult. I know of children who live beside St Patricks who are sent over to Clonsilla to school.
It may be easing but don’t see it fully resolved in the short term.

This is just my own opinion but if you like the area, and schools are a factor (they may not be) you would be better being closer to Laurel lodge and Scoil Thomais which has a very good name and newly renovated.
Estates are more settled - Laurel Lodge, Sycamore, Oaktree etc and are close to train stations.

Think is a good time to be looking - plenty of choice!
Good luck!