Robopaddy is alive and well.

Cape Verde scams still rolling on and Albania too

I miss Auto320 , I so do :frowning:

direct flights from London to Cape Verdé next year :laughing:

the robotic thought process at work, Can I get an interest-only mortgage to buy in CV? It’s the best place for growth (I dunno, there’s many more countries with actual resources than some place where the two-bit developers went in to build.

all the sales team swooping in on offering financial products to robopaddy :laughing:

direct flights to CV from london this year too , never happened.

Did savvy ( or is that canny) Liz O Kane not buy there 8) ???

Maybe I haven’t been watching the news but…

Not to worry, I hear Disney are opening a new disneyworld in Albania.

same story in 2004 when robopaddy was getting the calls from the ads on 98FM, when he was investing in cyprus/budapest etc…

son of robopaddy will be buying all the apartments from robopaddy…

Mickey Mouse had a grandmonther from Cape Verde as well, looking good :wink:

I dunno, a google search for Liz o’Kane & Cape verde yields this little interesting sitte … rtylk.html

she calims that there’s direct flights .

I hear that Cape Merde is a better investment, they’re starting to offload the stucco off the boats.

There are no direct flights *FROM IRELAND * and Liz knew that.

There are direct flights from Dakar in Senegal which is not the same thing.