Robot Lawn Mowers

Following on from the highly recommended Roomba vacuum cleaner that we bought over a year ago I have been looking at robot lawn mowers.

I haven’t taken the plunge yet does anyone have any recommendations?

My interest was piqued today while looking at this one on Amazon “Husqvarna 105 automower” and I noticed the “What other items do customers buy after viewing this item?”

Is there something I can look forward to after a having regularly well-mowed lawn…? time will tell :smiley:

Don’t be doing an honest gardener out of a job now.

I looked it up on Amazon and didn’t get the same suggested products… just saying.

have a look at the Husquavarna too; good reviews.

think you’d still need a regular small mower or strimmer

Try googling this one on Amazon that’s where I got the above: “Husqvarna 105 automower”



There’s a decent boards thread here: … 2057213541

What’s the expected lifespan of these things? I spend maybe 500/year on lawn mowing so ROI on a 4k robot mower would be 8 years.

Seems a bit marginal, even aside from partially doing someone out of a job (I’d still need the gardener for other stuff).


The model above is €1,200 so your ROI would be just over 2 yrs.

As they cut the grass every night and mulch the clippings back into the lawn fertilising it they also claim a better lawn.

Also with the time saved it appears that you can get an improved sexlife which doesn’t appear on the features list but it is a good selling point.

I have been looking at these the last couple of years and this year it looks like I have to take the plunge and decide between a robot or ride on.

I have a powered walking mower for just over .75 acres of grass and it becomes a lottery during the summer when and if I can get the grass cut. I need about 3 hours to do it and all good plans can be ruined by a rain shower. Then I have to pay someone to do it during the week.

I’d love to see one in action but dropping about 3k on something which I can’t see working beforehand is daunting !

I’d need the 4k one as I have a lot of grass.

edit: actually the AUTOMOWER® 440 would do. That’s about 2900.

This would be cheaper

you need two though. One gets lonely. Or maybe that’s donkeys (which are quite useful for keeping gorse under control now that burning is verboten)

Animal factoid: goats are browsers, not grazers. So they’ll eat everything but the grass.


To sum up this thread so far…

Advice on an automated lawn mower is sought…

Amazon buyers use robot lawnmowers as sex aids…

A goat would be cheaper but they don’t graze (but one assumes the poster is suggesting they’re okay with the other demands)…

So the obvious solution…