Rockfield, Dundrum -now POA , whats your offer ?

not really seen this type of ‘Tender’ on myhome before, could we see an escalation of POA’s / Tenders for property soon? … -14/216733
"We are instructed to invite Best Bids by Wednesday 15th June (on an informal Tender basis) for these superb Penthouse Apartments (in Rockfield, Dundrum), which were going for up to €1.25 million at the height of the market in 2006. The four apartments being sold are a mix of 2 and 3 bedroom apartments ranging in size from c.100sq.m. to c.117sq.m. (c.1,075sq.ft. – c.1,260sq.ft.) with either dual or tri-aspects enjoying various commanding views of Airfield Urban Farm, Dublin Mountains and Dublin City. This secure, mature, gated community has dedicated car parking for the Penthouses and on site Luas Stop with neighbourhood shops and facilities. It is situated immediately adjacent to Dundrum Town Centre.

While all reasonable bids will be considered we are suggesting a level in excess of €395,000 which would represent approximately 70% drop from the highs of 2006."

These references to the peak of the market are really starting to piss me off. 70% less insane than 2006!!

They are still suggesting a minimum bid of €4,000 per m² which is pricey enough for an apartment in Dublin, no matter how nice the view of the mountains

Presumably there’s management fees to take into account as well.

Its just a fancy way of saying make a bid . It gives a asking price . So there or thereabouts .


How come 4 of these are coming on all at once after all these years? Surely some kind of liquidation, right?


These are pretty easy to value…

There are similar sized penthouses recently for sale in the Gasworks 325-350k-ish. Now as far as I know not all of them sold yet (unlike all the 1 beds which sold in a few minutes)

So Rockfield Versus Gasworks? Which deserves a premium over the other?!?
If you ask me I would prefer pay 325k for one of the ones in the Gasworks and walk to work, then the 395k min they are quoting here and have to get the Luas to work

What is this? is there an airfiled or a farm or both?

It’s a farm, it’s called Airfield House.

I think we are no more than 12 months away from Ebay for the Irish property market.

or has it already begun?

My bid is:

EUR 0.01

Time Left: 12 Months 1 Hour 58 seconds

(Of course I predict a financial collapse in 11 months)

I live pretty close to here and I don’t think these where ever valued or sold at anywhere near that

I lived near them in 2006 and went to a viewing. From what I remember it was the 2 bed penthouses that were asking 1.25m and the larger 3 bed penthouse that was on view was asking an incredible 1.8m. It made absolutely no sense even in 2006 at the height of the madness. I remember a 5 bed house in the Ardglas estate across the road asking 950k at the time.
The kitchens and bathrooms in Rockfield were very ordinary, nothing like what you would imagine a million euro penthouse to look like. The 3 bed I saw was reasonably large by Dublin’s (tiny) apartment standards but again not exactly spacious and had just one living space (ie kitchen/sitting room was all one room).
In short, I don’t imagine any of them were ever sold at anything aproaching their asking prices.

Only one day left to get your tender in guys…

While all reasonable bids will be considered we are suggesting a level in excess of €395,000 which would represent approximately 70% drop from the highs of 2006.

In at least one block, if not two, every single bathroom pod had to be ripped out and replaced in 09. Wouldn’t be that convinced of the quality of the rest of it.

In terms of Rockfield itself, everytime I let one in there the tenants always stay longer than a year and only leave when they absolutely have to (e.g. emigrating).

It is very well liked.

I’ve been told that some owners in this development found it difficult to sell their apartments because prospective buyers were put off by the fact the public areas had been ‘taken over’ during the daytime as an impromptu hangout and playground for the kids of rent support tenants who had been moved in by the local authority. Is it true, then, that the place is not the yuppie stronghold the agents would like to portray it to be? Can’t verify this myself, which is why I’m asking here.

Whilst there’s a definate ‘social’ element to the ground floors, I can’t say I’ve ever seen this myself.

Nearly ended up renting there - well not nearly as I told the misses no from the out set when I saw where it is. If you walk every where then it’s an OK location with the LUAS across the road but if you drive - forget it. On a wet Sunday or at Christmas the traffic would be nuts as it’s co close to Dundrum town centre.

As building go they are kind of ugly and have no feel of wow about them so why buy a pent house there.

I just had a look and I thought €250k tops

Suggest away, 2006 was Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Its a reasonably sized 3 bed apartment in the suburbs, can’t see why anyone would pay more than €250k for it.

My 1979 Cortina hatchback was on sale for €100k in 2006, but I’d let you have it for €30k now. Obviously a bargain now down 70% :angry: