Rockview House, Mountrath Road, Portlaoise, Co. Laois -800k

Was €1.5m
Now 700k

you think they’d be able to post at least one photo if they’re trying to sell for €700,000!

oh, here’s a few photos.

you can rent it for €2,500 a month, valuing it at around €420,000.

I’m sure they’ll add the photo’s soon enough, poor form though. The rental price (as with the sales price) is off the scale. The number of people in Portaloise with (or willing to part with) €2500 a month for rent is zero. You’d have to wonder is the owner serious at all about renting or is it a gesture to keep the bank happy? Has been up for rent for a long, long time now.

Now €1m
Recession over