Roe McDermott - Irish Times strangest columnist - Half Comedy Gold / Half Sinister

This is subscriber only so I’ve only recently got to read Irish Times relationship advice. No wonder South Dublin is so fucked up morally

This week

Q - my girlfriend won’t have sex or even hug me, she cheated on me and gave me herpes, this makes me angry sometimes.
A - why are you bringing up the infidelity !


Q - I obsess about my boyfriend’s friend, who I “dated” briefly
A - There’s no such thing as a bad feeling

Her brother is Eoghan McDermott - the 2FM virtual-signalling, right-on snowflake…

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Might be Mantissa/Aegis/Mercury😆

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This thread is almost as strange as the pin. :thinking:

Let me guess, you’re obsessing about your boyfriend’s friend with herpes or something ? :thinking:

This one is half comedy / half sinister

Your husband can choose to learn and do better, or choose to remain actively, wilfully racist. And if he chooses the latter, you’ll have to decide whether you want to stay with him and silently endorse his racism. The right choice is obvious in both instances. Don’t let him convince you otherwise.

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I also noticed this article. It is really verging on sinister thought police thought stuff:

'There’s a common refrain among white people that goes something like “I don’t have a racist bone in my body”, “I’m not racist, but” and (most often when confronted with evidence of their racism) a defensive “I’m a good person”.

So let’s be clear: it is simply impossible to grow up in a world where our history, media, education, pop culture and societal attitudes are fundamentally founded on and shaped by racism and white supremacy and not absorb racist attitudes through osmosis. It’s impossible. And the problem arises when we assert that being called racist is worse than the racism we inflict; when we are so convinced that we are “good people” that we refuse to engage with any evidence that we are racist, because it feels like an indictment of our entire character’.

Everyone is racist apparently and if they refuse to acknowledge that is just proof of their racism. QED.


There’s an awesome level of vanity or narcissism to McDermott’s mindset on everything from sex to politics. I suppose sex IS politics to this crowd. I suppose having a brother a pompous 2FM DJ suggests it’s genetic.

McDermott’s problem seems to be she has all the answers. Maybe she’s more suited to quiz show host than agony aunt.

You do realise all the letters in those agony aunt columns are made up? They’re basically just a pulpit from which the journo or publication issues its sermons.

I mean… that sounds like a conspiracy theory. :rofl:

Nope, first hand knowledge.

My point is that this is young woke South Dublin’s (but really all broken Ireland) relationship guide. Hence I called her a columnist.

Probably they are an amalgam of Facebook & WhatsApp messages. This is how young woke folk carry on. You must have spared yourself Instagram during the Floyd protests.

Looks like we have a winner here…

So you take it as a given that she is a complete fucking nut-case.

And I call complete bullshit on her resume…

Except the bits were she got jobs in the Irish media no doubt as one of the Southside “luvvies”. The Stanford and SF State entries are particularly funny to those of us who know both places very very well.

Gets even better. Looks like she is one of those hard faced women you see around the Mission, close to SF General. One of those whites who gentrified what was once a poor Mexican / Central American neighborhood. If you want the poster child for “White Privilege” its her.

When you walk around that area of the Mission the original residents are quick to smile and say hello, to those of us who remember the good old days when the street a few block up was a serious drive by shooting gallery. The white gentrifiers are almost without exception very unfriendly assholes so all the locals just ignore them in response. The only people who you wont get a nod and usually a smile from when walking down one of those streets are the white gentrifiers. Even the chulos will give you a nod as you acknowledge their existence and who they are.

So I must assume that the I.T’s business model is now Vox/Buzzfeed. Until the run though all the trust fund money. Another decade? Less?


Is there not some way George Huke could be dragged out of retirement to run an agony uncle column in the IT, you know, to provide some kind of balance like


Jeez - not worth the effort - you might as well go after an astrology column

In this week’s edition Roe gets tROElled

I was delighted at first. I now had two beautiful women living with me.

Own up ! Which one of you porn watching degenerates sent in these letters☺️


But why are you bringing up the infidelity Roe, are you applying different standards to the two genders?

:relaxed: If good sister gets an STD off boyfriend sleeping with bad sister…based on Roe Logic good sister needs to be mature about it and not bring it up in the future

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Fulbright. Quelle surprise. I know a few Fulbrighters, bit of a clique.