Roe McDermott - Irish Times strangest columnist - Half Comedy Gold / Half Sinister

Bless her, she just discovered amateur comes from the Latin “amare”, to love. And she’s “completing an MA in Sexuality Studies” (in SF !).

Have Fulbrights sunk to this?

This week’s gem:

I am a closeted male-to-female cross-dresser and I’d like to tell my girlfriend of four years, who I also have a child with. I fear she won’t be understanding and will tell people, as she’s told other people about our personal sex life before. I was also very homophobic in the past, but now I’ve come to a point to where I don’t want to be a hypocrite. I want her to know this side of me. How should I tell her?

You need a subscription to get Roe’s expert opinion. No doubt people are signing up in droves. :icon_rolleyes:

The agony column used to be the hallmark of bottom feeder Sunday tabloids. The Irish Times used to be known as the paper of record.

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This week Roe comforts a Hoe…
who uses male attention as an anti depressant. Heaven forbid that Roe tells her it’s her Hoe behaviour that’s the root issue

I’m a 34-year-old woman and I’m finding Covid and lockdown extremely difficult for a reason that I feel a bit embarrassed about: I really miss dating. I have been single for about three years, with some flings and casual relationships during that time, and have been quite happy with this. I’ve been focusing on my career and my mental health

Do you know what dating is, at its core, no matter what you’re looking for? It’s hope.

A woman who dates men is a ‘hoe’? Really? Would you outlaw or fine fornicators if you could? Stone them maybe? Or would you prefer priests with blackthorn sticks dishing out beatings?

Or just put a 5km travel limit on any unmarried woman, simple…

Interesting take. Do you think, based on your experience of life, that she’s understating or overstating her sex life ?

Also, did you consider (while using your own permissive blackthorn stick) that “yes actually” he could be right, how a person lives their life does impact on their happiness ? People do use attention to support their ego ?

I’m going to play the woman card and say yes, you’re both right (about various subgroups), because women vary a lot when it comes to their attitudes about relationships…
Men do too of course.

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It wasn’t a ‘take’, it was a question to which you didn’t offer an answer. Millennials are more open about their sex life in general and given that this was anonymous or purports to be then I would say it’s not an under or overstatement.

You think a sense of shame naturally surrounds having relationships or a sex life? We’re not living in 1950’s Ireland or a caliphate.

Whereas you think shame lived in 1950s or a caliphate. You just ignore her admitted self loathing and insist it’s unrelated to her conduct.

This woman’s life is about lying to herself about the consequences of her own conduct. It’s strange you think she tells the truth.

Those ‘agony aunt’ columns are mostly the inventions of the journalists.

I wouldn’t trust sexed up science surveys either.

Both are crafted to get more readers.

Millennials are more open about their sex life

Also, I don’t believe that. Probably, in the aggravate large groups are mostly similar over time.

My husband has always had an interest in lady’s underwear, shoes etc. I often thought he cross-dressed in secret, and lately he wished to wear underwear when we made love and I agreed, though I had some reservations. Later, I asked him why, he said it excited him, he loved the feel of women’s clothes. I must admit it gave me an extra buzz.

This is one of those letters where there doesn’t seem to actually be a problem at all. Your husband enjoys wearing women’s underwear; you don’t seem to mind this at all and in fact seem to enjoy your husband’s pleasure.

As I have addressed before in this column, “cross-dressing” is a term that is increasingly out of date

And in a twist to this thread no-one saw coming, the brother of the Irish Times’ sex columnist is allegedly a serial underage sex offender-huge evidence mounting on twitter, Reddit and elsewhere, plus he’s been sacked from 2fm. It seems to have been an open secret around Dublin-she surely can’t not have at least heard something…

I saw the screenshot of the Reddit posts on Twitter. If it isn’t true, someone has gone to great lengths to write up a convincing account of alleged events.

The irony isn’t being lost either. Many people are pointing out that how eager he was to bayonet George Hook over his rape preventions comments, his attempts to cancel the Fairytale of New York and proclaiming himself a feminist.
It shows how someone could hide in plain sight in a place like RTE by indulging in paint by numbers luvvyism.

Never heard of this “character” until this post. Out of the loop.
Googled. 1st Result.

That was enough for me… “Celebrity culture”…there are some very weird sides to modern Irish popular “culture”.

I saw that first one too when it surfaced but decided it didn’t meet the standard to repost here-it could have been random maliciousness. There are now up to 10 different alleged victims and an exit from 2fm to add to the narrative.

Dear Roe

I just noticed her instagram and twitter bio is

Burning the fucking myths to the goddamn ground

My husband left me ten years ago for a younger woman who he was having an affair with. My friends all said that he would only do to her what he did to me, but my daughter, who pretty much lives with them at this point, says they’re happy.
They go on walks holding hands and they’ve just announced they’re expecting another baby. He could be cheating on her but he seems to be staying in every evening. By the end of our marriage he was going on a lot of long drives by himself.
He says he left me because he was unhappy in our marriage and always had been, which is just not true. Everyone says we were the happiest couple around.
He abandoned our whole family and now it just seems like there’s no justice in the world. He’s happy and I’m so angry, all the time. He made a commitment to me when I got pregnant with our first but then just one day decided we weren’t good enough for him anymore. It’s so unfair that he treated me so badly and yet he treats his new wife so well. I did absolutely nothing wrong and yet I’m the one who’s suffering. How can I get past this?

The correct response to this is - he walked away precisely because of the character traits you’re exhibiting now. You were being neurotic and making his life hell.

He could end up leaving the new girlfriend (& child) 16 / 17 years down the road for yet another younger model.

It’s what one of my uncles did…

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For anyone too busy to read it, the correct answer to this week’s conundrum is ‘sweetheart, the problem is you’re a slut - it’s not him, it’s you’ but Roe yet again misses the obvious and instead starts guffing about … sorry, TLDR, yawn.
Of wider interest is how does Roe’s column even exist in a paper hoping to be taken seriously?
How can reputable opinioneers such as Fintan O’Toole continue in the same publication without being tarnished by Roe’s nonsense? Birds of a feather flock together, don’t they?
At what point does the general public come to agree that the Irish Times is now a laughing stock, and was made so by its own editor?


How’s your brother Roe.