Romanian woman killed in Limerick Suspect On the Loose

Does he know something the rest of us don’t?

Muslim Councillor

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Killer on the loose and 40 lads who it appears ‘couldn’t settle’ in Citywest but heh Joe’s coming to town.

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Time for us to explore in more detail the Elder’s proposal on licences.

You might want to sit down.

Who knew eh?

Trump must read the pin "We have to remove a lot of people very, very fast...They're sending people that are killers, murders. They're sending rapists”


Just close the fucking borders. Close them now.


Out for an early walk this morning at 6am with wife (Sandymount to Blackrock), foreign national having a wa*k in a car park more or less across the road from a place called The Epicurean food something.

Ok so background for the innocent: I know from property managers that Romanian criminal gangs use respectable looking women with employment references to rent apartments in blocks. Then use them as brothels. The complaints from neighbours to the management company begin. When the Landlord or his agent visit the girls initially claim to be “just visiting their friend”. Then the whole PRTB can go on for 6 to 12 months while the brothel still operates. Unless there is brazen behaviour or violence the guards do nothing. In fact, the guards will harass the landlord and accuse him of being involved. So landlords have learned to not contact guards. About 2/3rds of the men Who visit the brothel are foreign men.

So it’s a rerun of Ashling Murphy case. Liberal Ireland has no solution to a foreign gypsy strangling an Irish girl…other than “programmes in schools” (aimed at the Irish)

Here Liberal Ireland options:

  • they cannot take steps or even allow focus on the Afghan asylum aspect
  • they cannot mention the foreign aspect of the customers
  • they cannot mention the Nice Treaty, free movement of Romanians aspect
  • they cannot call out Romanian criminal gangs, beause that’s “anti-Romanian” (“We shouldn’t think of them as Romanian Criminals they’re Male Criminals”)
  • they cannot have a moral crusade against “Sex Work”, because they are temperamentally"sex positive"

Their only option will be: harass and insult white men


Man charged. Not Afghan Man or Asylum Seeker. Just a Man.

The officer said Mr Shamel had arrived in Dublin from Afghanistan in October 2020 and claimed political asylum and had the right to be resident until next year.

He was remanded in custody to appear in court again via video link on 2 May.

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