Ron Paul in 1988 on the price of bank bailouts

From The Film Archive channel:

Ron Paul on the Price of Bank Bailouts

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Fucking Ron Paul :unamused:

Have a listen.

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

The older I get, the more libertarian I become.

Whatever about the obvious blatant abuse of power regarding the government bailouts, its also the stupid things that bug me like how Eamonn Ryan is trying to influence free-to-air rugby on TV.
I mean its rugby FFS.
Its just a sport.
It should have nothing to do with any government.

But of course …
Government gives (taxpayer) money to rebuild Lansdowne Road.
Sporting bodies say ‘Yippee … Free Money !!!’
Government now tries to influence sporting bodies, based on the fact that they gave other peoples money for the rebuild (wow, imagine that).
Sporting bodies cry foul.

Where do you draw the line at their interference ? (answer: stop the subsidies)

Am i the only one who finds it slightly disturbing that a government minister believes he can legitimately interfere in such aspects of society ?
Or am I just being cynical in thinking Ryan is trying to throw crumbs to the masses because he knows how pi$$ed off they are at the current mess ?

I’m finding that myself. When I was in my teens I was socialist bordering on communist. Now I’m more capitalistic.

‘If your 21 and not a socialist, you’ve no heart. If you’re 40 and not a capitalist, you’ve no brain’.

Snipped your argument into a single cogent point, hope you don’t mind! :mrgreen:

If you’re digging up past positions of Ron Paul, heres something to chew on.

There’s a lot more

His mix bag of supporters have been well documented down the years.
But it would be unwise to assume that although he believes in their right to hold certain beliefs, that he himself shares those beliefs.

Take abortion for example.
As a gyne, he, on a personal level, does not agree with it.
But as a libertarian, he does not believe that anyone has the right to prevent a woman from having one.
Consequently, although he would be very much opposed to abortion, he supports the right of others to choose.

And he’s a creationist!

who cares if he is a creationist

he wants to get rid of the FED

he wants to close all US military bass around the world

he wants to end the war on drugs

he believes in free markets, no subsidies for any business, large or small

he wants the gold standard back

if he is a creationist what does it matter, unlike most americans he has read and understands the US constitution and he believes in the sepperation of church and state