Ron Paul Watch or Vigil?

I have watched Ron Paul over the years via many a youtube video. I think there would be profound implications for all of us on this planet if he makes as far as the Oval office.

If successfully selected republican candidate he might be the focus of a smear campaign but so far my guess is that the fact he is being ignored they may have nothing on him so my only fear is. My only fear is he might suffer the wrath of the grassy knoll. However if that happened again somehow I do not think an American public would be so easily tricked.

Overall he does not appear to be part of establishment we have all suffer under even though a republican. Further analysis is required and so this thread is born to illuminate where others fear to thread.

I think he has no chance. He will never get the financial backing he requires to become the republican candidate let alone beat the banker backed Obama. I’m not to keen on his pro life stance either. I think the world would be a very interesting place if he won but corporate America won’t let that happen.

His oposition to abortion has two components.

Firstly he has come to a personal decision based on his experiences as a doctor and a christian that abortion is wrong.

Secondly he believes that each US state should legislate individualy on the legality of abortion free from interference from the federal government or courts.

This is in contrast to many pro-life candidates who claim their intention is to criminalise abortion throughout the US using Federal Law.

BTW I am pro-choice.

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Excellent. Good start keep it up. Also links are appreciated where and when you can facilitate to back up statements helps.

He pi$$es off too many vested interests to be allowed (by the media) to become a credible candidate.
From oil to banks to the Fed to social security and medicare.
His ‘problem’ is that he hits all sides and wants to slaughter both republician and democratic sacred cows.

Also, as a strict non-interventionist, Paul wants to cease support of Israel, treat all middle eastern countries equally and trade with them without differentiation.
The clip where Ben Stein (of Beuller fame) calls him anti-semetic, is perhaps one of the most revealing.

Can you image the reaction of AIPAC and other American-Israeli organisations to his belief that America has no right interfering in Middle Eastern affairs.
Remember … if you don’t support Israel, that implies you must support terrorism !

The same applies for Cuba and other ‘non-gratia’ countries.

By pursuing a strict libertarian and constitutional philosophy, he has many (seemingly) odd ideas, but by and large, he is 100% right on so many issues.

I would love to see him in charge for a term at least and watch American politics get it’s long overdue shake-up.
But it won’t be allowed to happen.

Ron Paul recently took part in and (apparently)won a televised debate,

Faux News are doing their damdest to ignore Ron and his sensible messages of:
“If dept is the problem, how is more debt the solution” and
Don’t start wars in far away places that have nothing to do with you, and seeing that Paul won a landslide victory, promptly pulled the results from the website and never mentioned it on their news broadcast which covered the debat.

why? the wrong person won!!!

Results are here:

Full story here

The recent political turmoil over the debt limit and the polarization of politics is playing well for Ron Paul, he has been on message for 6 years now and his arguments are clear and concise - less government, more manufacturing, less welfare, more state power and less federal, no more wars without provocation, and a host of other seemingly very practical policies plus a few standouts that may or may not be practical including less preferential treatment of Israel, openly trading with Iran and Cuba, etc…

I think the kicker so far is that Ron Paul has become the intellectual statesman this time around, last time he was the non-conformist, now he is the kind of practical, smart, experienced, non-partisan guy who wants the best for the US, a powerful stereotype when the other candidates are mired in partisan politics and it is hitting home to people very early this time around (see below how the New American reported on his Ames performance last week) He refuses to use aggregator fund raisers while the other candidates face an upcoming storm of naming theirs or not, he keeps his nose clean in terms of resisting personal attacks under constant attack from others, and he appeals to Tea Party supporters and liberals alike in being practical, it will be interesting to see how the parties go after him in the media. … n-iran-war

This is the best Fox could come up with in negativity, notably without editorial comment, they are struggling so far to deal with him. … nce-debate

Sorry about that.

It’s a pity we don’t have any prominent politician in Ireland offering similar policies.

If I am not mistaken so far Ron Paul is more Pinster than Pinsters themselves! In that I would wager he is all our politician even if we can not vote. You could donate. The implications of what might proceed are magnanimous on a planetary scale.

If his only problem is he pisses of the war lords and global vested interests then clearly they are the problem by simple implication.

I have a Ron Paul bumper sticker.I’m a big fan of his.

I have loved the guy for years - talks nothing but sense.

Washington Post had an interesting write on him today

It is illegal for candidates to accept donations from foreigners.

Unless we channel a few dollars through a trustworthy pinster in the US…

Another quick 10 facts.

Age is a killer…77 buy election date…

That Washington Post piece is the usual condescending stuff that he appeals to a small minority of faithful followers, it is loaded with rhetorical references to faith, religion, fundamentalism, etc… “Only visible to true bleievers”, “invisible to non-believers”, “Hes a cult classic”, etc… Maybe it is all in response to the “The One” ad but it all plays too easily for me, there will be lot’s of this kind of crap as the days roll along. I think the parties fear the unknown, both of them, he is uniquely qualified to challenge as a Republican nominee or even as an independent, he is certainyl capable of knocking out other strong Republican contenders, it is amazing really given the ways of politics in the US.
I am not really a Ron Paul supporter, as yet, just like to follow the politics of the primaries in the US, it is where the president is really chosen.

Of course that makes sense but then if you are a corporation :unamused:

The system wont allow the system be broken OW.

As I said before it will break itself as it is doing right now… I am thinking, is this the USA’s Gorbachev?

I think this video demonstrates why Paul has a certain appeal. He is a straight shooter in the main and there is an awful lot of truth in what he says in relation to US foreign policy. But thats an easy target and as he says in the video “History on his side”. Some other poitions he holds that I find interesting but dont agree with:

On gun laws: