Ronan pays debt to quit Nama

Ronan pays debt to quit Nama - with other major developers set to follow

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What I’d really like to know is if the loans were paid in full or just the LTEV/what NAMA paid for them.

Has any journalist actually delved into the figures ?

NAMA got a sizeable discount when purchasing it’s loans from the banks - something in the order of 47%.
We (the taxpayers) are liable for this.

Also, did Ronan pay NAMA the full amount owed, or was it a (further) reduced settlement ?

I’ll be stunned if he’s paid back over 50% of the original loan value.

I think it will depend on what the banks had security over. If they had good security, there’ll have been a good payment amount, if not, er, not.

Not sure where personal guarantees fit into that, though, that’ll probably be the key thing?

More detail here: … -1.2161537

Not sure which bits to quote.

I think Rosanna is married now

I think the PG’s Ronan gave were fairly limited.

I’m out in Dublin tonight and I’m being told Nama paid 250 mln and he has bought back at 290 mln.
Reliable source, but who knows?

So much for NAMA debtors being chased for every penny owed

NAMA is working just the way it was meant to 8DD

shut up and pay your taxes you suckers

That’s what I mean about security, though. It may be that they can only enforce about 240 million - this would be a result of the agreements the banks entered into, not necessarily NAMA. That NAMA is getting people to buy out their debt is a good thing, IMO. And 240/290 is in excess of what I was expecting, to be honest, given that the corruptness of the scheme lay in the price paid to the banks, not the amount the debtors will pay (the price paid to the banks crystallised the bailout and set the minimum repayment level of the debtor).

The Hummer was traded in yesterday

More on this here:

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Wow! Are those tyres or property bubbles?

Those are over-inflated egos.

more sober account in Saturday’s Indo … 17300.html