Rosbeg, Windgate Road, Howth (-525k, -35%)

Was 1.5m, 1.3m

Now 1.25m

975k … in/1882571

Sold for 1.02m on 23/04/2014

Surely this isn’t the same house?

Howth house sells for €5m – the highest price paid for northside property in 2015 … -1.2451500

“The property, formerly known as Rosbeg, was purchased in 1998 for €1.06 million (£840,000) by a couple from Ballsbridge.”

Were there two Rosbegs near Howth summit?

The article does say a new house has been built on the site, which would partly explain the increase in value. Plus the fact that happy days are here again and we’re all loaded now.