Rose Cottage, Ridge Road, Portlaoise, Co. Laois -222k -57.3%

Was 387k XX
Now 240k

Still almost a quarter of a million for what is still a small dwelling despite the extension. Somewhere sub 100k would be much more realistic.

Crazy price and totally deluded. Not even well finished.
Until sellers of one off houses in the midlands realise that their “dream house” complete with dressing rooms, walk in wardrobes etc are worth a maximum of 150k I’m afraid we’ve a long way to go.


Now 165k

The Ridge Road is one of the least pleasant roads in Portlaoise to drive on. It’s too narrow, too busy and a hotchpotch of housing styles. It’s location is all it has going for it but it’s one of the last parts of the town I’d like to live in.

FFS a new add looking for 190k dream on .

Now 185k