Ross o carrol Kelly column today!!!!! Genius … 42059.html

Take a bow paul Howard

We put people in dog boxes. We put them in ant-farms beside motorways. We put them in villages that weren’t on any map’

Extract from above link starts half way in read in full above


And so the lights have gone out.

Head to Dublin Airport, and buy a one way ticket.

Sad how it ends.

Brings a tear to my eye loike.

Its funny because its true.

Send in the clowns.

By all accounts, that was indeed Bertie’s last act as Taoiseach

JP’s dad, I wonder is his name Ken Conroy by any chance ?? 8)

Love this bit

And the funny thing is, if you were to dig up a column from about 10 years ago, you’d find Ross working for Hook, Lyon and Sinker (love that name) and getting up to exactly the sort of cowboy business they’re now reminiscing about. The column often had its finger on the pulse over the years, and very funny too.