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From today’s Irish Times:

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Ther’ll be a lot of this. See thread I opened re DCC and rentals.

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if u are in receipt of rent allowance for 18 months you can go on a scheme called ras also known as rental accomadation scheme this is where the corporation finds there tenants a place to live and u can choose from 3 places in areas that u picked its brilliant well worth it ,you can work on this scheme aswell its held in dublin city council wolfe tone street and its more better cause you get to stay here till u get a council house like its a proper apartment they would give you and as for landlords out there if you want your property to be lived in to receive rent register with the council they pay u direct themselves and find your tenants and they are screened by the guards before they are let move in they cater for single people men or women or lone parents this is a great scheme im on it myself and the place i got is huge and very nice if u are struggling to find somewhere to live register for ras scheme and they find your place and you pay 28 euro per week its great i swear hope to have helped xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxbrenda

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Under advice on house shares.

28 quid a week.
Sounds fab. How do I sign up?

Dammit, you know what I did? I got an education. Now I’m screwed.

There’s an old saying, if you think education is expensive, try ignorance.
Somehow, I’ve ended up paying for my own education and other peoples ignorance.

(I’m really starting to reevaluate who the clever people are. I’m thinking it’s not the ones with degrees and such.)


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the chilling gaze of the typical au courant council house charlatan

Don’t be so sure, unless the person is a complete head the ball case or previously been convicted for serious offences like aggravated assault, rape etc. then the guards can and do just as easily go, yeah, he’s known to us, but, we’ll give him the OK, we can keep tabs on him, in case we need him to help with our inquiries in future. At the end of the day the person with the serious criminal record or mental illness needs shelter too, as an Irish citizen he has the same rights and privileges as you or I and at the end of the day the council need them off the books.

The problem is resentment builds up in the person who paid full whack bubble prices and they will look for every excuse of get rid of them, these situations can get very petty and vindictive. Another problem for owners of these apartments is when the council is part of the management company, there is little incentive for the council to keep costs down as a result fees can rise to a higher level than they otherwise would. The council does keep social welfare tenants under strict review in these new apartment complexes and any violation of the terms of the rental is treated seriously and the tenant can be evicted, the council is also aware that if they gain a reputation for allowing anti-social tenants into an apartment complex that they will be blocked in future.

It is also likely that the NAMAfied apartments will be offloaded to the councils in the future at the “long term economic value” price.

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