Roubini interviewed in the Guardian

Not sure if this has been posted already today, but Nouriel Roubini is interviewed by Emma Brockes in today’s Guardian. … dit-crunch

'In the game of Worst-Case Scenario, Roubini looks at the world’s advanced economies and considers those most at risk of going bankrupt - of becoming the next Iceland - to be small western European nations. “If a big institution in Switzerland or the Netherlands or Belgium or Ireland were in trouble, the country doesn’t have the resources to bail them out.” ’

Nonsense. We have guaranteed the lot of them. Sure we wouldnt do that if we werent sure would we?

Couldn’t agree more, BOE, sure what does Roubini know about Ireland’s exceptional circumstances? Talking down our economy like that could do serious damage…

Very dangerous talk indeed from Dr Doom. Does the man not realise that we in Ireland have a very robust vibrant economy with little or no foreign debt. There is far too much time given to doom-mongers and naysayers like the Doctor who obviously do not live in the real world. It’s good to be a debt junkie. The solution is to borrow, borrow lots, buy lots and then sell some to repay the borrowings but still be left with lots of property. The upturn in the Irish economy is almost there thanks to the far sighted vision of our magnificant Taoiseach and the finest Minister of Finance ever. I can feel it in my waters.

Forget about the USA and Obama. We the Irish will save the day - yet again!!!

Yes, we have a thriving economy apparently. We need, however, more houses.

next time I run into a government advisor or mininster or FFer in general im going to ask “what do you think of Roubinis latest statement”…I cannot guarantee to stay pacific if they go on about how he shouldnt have left the training camp in Tenerife…