Roubini on NAMA


From Bloomberg

 Oct. 21 (Bloomberg) -- Nouriel Roubini, the New York

University economist, said that the idea behind Ireland’s
planned National Asset Management Agency is “right.”
“You may want to pay more than current market values, but
you should not pay much more unless there is an argument that
what you are paying is truly the long-term value of these
assets,” he said in an e-mailed statement issued today by the
organizers of the International Financial Services Summit.
Roubini is due to speak at the conference on Nov. 5.


Talk about hedging your bets. What was the purpose of this quote!? I have heard more substance out of Rafael Benitez.


Hey, I just report the news, I have no idea what he is on about. I would hazzard a guess that FF will suddenly have a Roubnin-love-in since he ‘seems’ to support NAMA.

Roubini has a very successful economic consultancy business. If you want full access to his research it will cost you $20k a year.


If you accept that NAMA is TARP as originally envisaged then Roubini said of TARP in September 2008: … s_of_banks


I believe Mr. Roubini is saying the same thing as everyone else. Don’t pay too much for assets. Know what the market price really is and don’t pay much more than that.



Mr. Roubini seems to be the most misquoted man in existence! He has credibility, so he is the commentator that ‘people’ like to pretend is onside…


He also has a big gob, clearly, he just should have said: “No comment”… The reporter should have queued him up with Stiglitz’s “criminal” comment for a different angle…


Well, I think we’re going to hear a lot of FFers mispronouncing his name over the next few days!


Mexico, Japan, Bolivia, Czech Republic, Jamaica, Malaysia, and Paraguay and now Ireland. We have really reached rock-bottom when we are included in this collection of second-world countries.

Time for a new acronym:

M J B C J M P I =


Time for a mnemonic to remember this collection of no-hopers, Any takers?


Jail My Politicians, Mismanaging Idiots, Jail Brian Cowen!
That was far too easy.




Ok, how about “crap economies” for short. :angry:



Is Japan now a second world ountry?

#15 … 20424.html


Spintastic there from the Indo… without looking at it, would it be Brendan Keenan, perchance?

edit: Ah Django, you had me fooled with your selective quoting - they do include the bit about price.

A bad bank is the right approach for insolvent banks. But they must first be recognised as insolvent and recapitalised through equity, not through overpayment.


As its developer related how about -

JuMPstart MI JCB