RTB Dispute

Hi all, trying to figure out our next move here in relation to a noise complaint within apartment block. Owner of other unit (contact via mgt agent) hasn’t done anything so looking to escalate. RTB say it’s not a registered tenancy so looks like we can’t raise a a dispute there.

I’m trying to figure out who they are renting to that wouldn’t need to be registered. It’s definitely a privately owned apartment. Pre COVID it was an AIRBNB, now has long term (+12 months) occupants. It’s a homeless family that were housed there at start of COVID. So, as owner won’t do anything, and RTB can’t, we need to see where else we can go. Anyone have knowledge of who was making these apartments available when COVID struck? Was it DCC, or a charity? Need to see who else to complain to before we have a nervous breakdown. Thanks

This sounds like health board authority emergency short term accommodation in the time of lockdown.

Not a good mix. I feel your pain.

If the owner knows the problems but has done nothing it could be that there is a lucrative contract signed between owner and local health board/authority.

Assuming that’s what you are dealing with of course. I think that explains lack of PRTB tenancy because these places often are used to house people like this at the drop of a dime and can often have huge turnover, which usually sees a deleterious affect on the living standards for those in proximity.

Someone in Parkgate St would probably be dealing with them.

Thanks. About 10 units were being used at the beginning of COVID for homeless and Roma families - most have moved out since - except for two or three. All were being used as Airbnb prior to that - wonder if there was a company renting all these apartments from landlords and subletting as Airbnb’s, who then did a deal with health authorities for bulk accommodation. Not sure if that was part of the airbnb market where companies were subletting en masse in blocks?

Deary me. What a nightmare.

You are lucky it was only noise but I suspect worse. I know of those who have ended up in hospital, same kind of setup.

Probably same Roma groups getting moved on to next location until the crime and violence is out of control and they’re moved on again to another location, rinse and repeat.

All on the tax payers dime and probably costing millions here if it was 10 units.

Yeah it’s a nightmare, looks like I may end up having to suck this up until COVID is all over. I’ll be all over objecting to their Airbnb business when that resumes though.

Tbh. If there are 10 units being let out like this seriously look at moving elsewhere and consider litigation against the state if they are the culprits.

It’s very probable this contract is so lucrative the owners/agents will never want to stop, COVID or no COVID - you need to understand the actual housing policy on this island.