RTE 2020 - Cheap Irish Homes


Cheap Irish Homes

Maggie Molloy is on a mission to find Ireland’s cheapest homes for prospective home owners. She finds some hidden gems and helps people get on the property ladder and find their dream abode.

Show is a spin off of…

Interesting to see what kind of programming RTE are producing and what it perhaps says about the current sentiment towards the housing market.


I watched some of it.
Firstly, the name of the show is brutal…take the word ‘cheap’ out.
All rural properties, most in hocking knick. They might be cheap, but they’ll need a lot of money to do up and you’ll need a car or two for commuting for work.


…and a big freezer. :slight_smile:

I agree, all things considered, not sure if the houses are “cheap”. It’s an interesting show, as a milestone, to see where people are in terms of expectations.

These shows follow a formula, once you have seen one, you’ve seen them all.