RTE axes 'showy' property TV series

RTE axes ‘showy’ property TV series - Roisin Burke → independent.ie/business/iris … 06232.html

I wonder if we go back to the old days when converting the metallic Telecom Eireann phone boxes into shower doors and conservatories was all the rage.

People did that?

I must have been safely emigrated at the time. In a country that had IKEA.

Jaysus I missed that one too! BR, where were you raised? :wink:

Here we get the continuing filthy lie from RTE (peddled by other TV channels as well), that somehow their programmes only ‘reflect’ life rather than play a very important part in shaping how many people live.
No recognition in the above comments that RTE played a very significant part in creating a property bubble that now has several hundred thousand people in negative equity for decades.
What I would like especially is the leaders of such organisations to publicly acknowledge how they willfully misled so many people.
A good start to doing this would be for RTE’s Director General Cathal Goan to resign in recognition of the part RTE played in bringing about the dire situation we are now in, and the total failure of its directors to balance all their property porn programmes.
Otherwise he should publicly ‘twin’ himself with several young couples struggling with the despair of negative equity, and hand over a good chunk of his inflated income to help pay their monthly mortgage repayments.

Totally agree with you Inis Man. However this applies to every media organisation in the country. The Sindo is now whinging about NE as if it had noting to do with the whole thing!This is the level we are dealing with.They will mov heaven and earth to get a hand out and deny any wrong doing whatsoever.It’s shameful,selfish and disgusting.

I saw a bit of one of those Channel4 programmes on Paddys day Relocation I think. Anyway they went back to this guy who bought a house in 2005 If memory serves bottom line cost for house and doing it up was £380k value as of Aug 2008 (they now show the date filmed) was £350k first time I saw an actual “Reality” show showing reality.
Btw you will know your in a recession when Cork people start lookng for Fords’ boxes again. Half of Crosshaven had holiday homes built out of them or in one case I know of an old bus and in another a railway carraige