RTE bashing in Sindo about gloom merchants

Quite a read about RTE bashing, Lee and McWilliams in the firing line with personal attacks that they want to profit at our expense, whether its true or not, its personal
They do forget in their analysis that SSIA’s has been responsible for ALL the retail sales holding steady so far, not just cars.

It makes sense that if the avg payout was about €14k, some of that would feed into a buying frenzy, its common sense.

It was only 4 months ago half the the SSIA’s matured.

independent.ie/national-news … 85746.html

Another, RTE is now responsible for the crash…LOL
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Note from Minister to RTE management: As you know Bertie says the economy is going gangbusters and while I know we agreed in principle to the licence fee increase for your helpful understanding in the recent Beverly Flynn case, we may have to curtail the increase to 3% rather that 8% due to budget 2008 constraints.

Note from RTE management to minister: RTE support the interests of the Taoiseach in the Irish economy. When might the authority expect to see confirmation of the governments appreciation of the continued development of the nation’s public service broadcaster?

GB notes with interest, that this year there have been no PR releases in the national papers by ministers distancing themselves from TV licence hikes.

So why dont they just sue McWilliams and Lee for liable or slander or whatever it is they did wrong,even if they are just marketing their wares,so what?
The naysayers have been laughed at and ridiculed for years,now that they are been proved right the whole thing is getting a lot more sinister.

The VI’s have been using every form of marketing for years ,instilling fear, guilt and brainwashing the general public with abandonment.
The above articles are a form of bullying in trying to shout down the opponent.

The Fine Arts market is going along swimmingly people. So we can forget about the loss of manufacturing jobs, world record private sector indebtedness, banks repossessing homes, the credit crunch, tens of thousands of empty homes. :confused:

If we replace the GDP from construction with fine art dealing we can keep the economy going!

Ah…Maybe not. :blush:https://img1.artprice.com/img/ami/en/xl/1204-17_01_01.gif

I LOLed and boggled all at once for this line:

:open_mouth: Jaysus, I don’t know where to begin with that bit of utter insanity.

Yeah, it is starting to get sinister alright. Our gombeen incestuous political/media/business VI golden circle are all the same: not-very-bright but ruthlessly vicious gangsters. They’ll not go down without a fight, and if they can’t have the moolah no-one can. They burn the economy to the ground rather than peacefully be ousted from the trough.

a nice Bulls v bears debate in the Tribune.

Guys like COleman make me sick. he’s claiming that the massive increase in population would sustain the housing prices. at the same time these guys are praising the drop off in construction.

The Sindo was awash with about 4 pages of this rubbish. The Box on the front page was like “Who can we blame for talking us into a recession… See pages 4, 6, 27, 28”.

One of the eh funniest was Marc Coleman’s article…

independent.ie/opinion/analy … 85679.html

If he had watched the program, rather than made assumptions or whatever he did to write this really, really badly researched article he might have avoided making a complete fool of himself. He says:

The problem is that McWilliams was comparing Ireland now (booming in property) to Uraguay in the 1920s (booming in beef exports) and how they squandered their wealth without considering what they can do as a country when the beef gravy train stops. Either he did not watch the program or he is just trying to be misleading.

At least he tried to make some points albeit missing the mark by a rather wide amount.

Brendan O Connor (Who will surely be reffered to as a “leading” economist or “expert” on property sooner or later spent his few inches dissing McWilliams clothes and car.

Basically McWilliams and George Lee = Public Enemy No.1. Sad state of affairs, but water off a ducks back to them im sure.

If someone wanted to take Colemanballs to task they could point out some of the following:

Ireland’s education system has delivered the highest rate of functional illiteracy in the developed world.

Corruption? Let’s just rattle of the tribunal names shall we to avoid any potential libel actions.

Dysfunctional public institutions would probably mean things like failing hospitals, the lowest survivorship statistics for cancer, lack of basic screening services.

He’s wearing those shamrock tinted glasses again.

Well, his book is coming out called “The Best is Yet to Come”… saying that we are merely at base camp for this everest sized boom. Someone is going to end up looking very very silly, its either going to be Colemanballs or eh… EVERYBODY ELSE WITH EYES IN THEIR HEAD WHO CAN SEE THE BOOM IS COMING TO AN END!

But good luck with the book and all that.

Things have come full circle then really…

We’re going to be landed with books lauding the economic miracle just when the economy is firmly going south, this harks back to ten years ago when they were releasing things on the “Irish disease”, etc., and how are psyche was essentially what was holding us back only to be hit smack in the face with the buoyant figures of the Celtic Tiger era.

Dow 36,000 springs to mind.

Colemanballs praised the ECB for injecting more money into the money supply, hello high inflation.

The best better come, else the speculators wont be able to pay for their expensive shoeboxes in nowherescommuterville.