RTE: Discussion on housing market on Morning Ireland

From Morning Ireland:

Listen at rte.ie/news/2008/0410/morningireland.html

George Lee, Economics Editor, and Tom Parlon of the Construction Industry Federation discuss the IMF’s warning of overvalued property and a drop in housing completions

John Whelan, CEO, Irish Exporters Association, explains the importance of the euro-sterling exchange rate for businesses exporting to the UK

George Lee, Economics Editor, analyses the impact of the currency situation

Listening to this on the way to work.

Tom said not to look a gift horse in the mouth as prices wouldn’t stay like this for long.

Me in my ultra bearish mindset took that to mean that they’ll be even lower this time time 12 months.

Havent heard the programme but know whos telling fibs already :unamused:

If prices won’t stay like this for long then why don’t they just cut to the chase and raise prices now. Cut the suspense, just raise your prices.

Indeed, we need some positive news on the economic front!

Someone should ask this question of Country Tom…

Now conor, taxing the income of builders just makes houses more expensive for the end buyer.

How very true! :laughing:

Mind you, it’s a good piece from Daire O’Brien. You can clearly see over the last few weeks that the media are slowly beginning to turn on the property industry. This will play out alongside the cycle as it moves from fear through panic to revulsion.

Taxing income wouldn’t

Making duty payable would.

" Its the empties stoopid "

The media have not gone there yet because its the great Pandoras Box they dare not open.

Once the sheeple realise we have built a lifetimes supply of empties ( in some areas) then all the bets are off .

The media will turn only as the property advertising dries up as allegience and truth have nothing to do with reporting (much the same as selling houses really).

I’ve noticed this too - more and more media commentators seem to be talking about house prices dropping in terms of something that needs invetigation and explanation rather than simply brushing it under the carpet as a blip.