RTE looking for "angry" people in NE for The frontline

Researcher posted over on boards.ie

boards.ie/vbulletin/showthre … 2055649544

Perhaps I should offer my services ?

I’m well known for my sympathetic ear when it come to Celtic cubs who’ve gotten up to their arse end in debt & want to blame someone else for it.

Just how the fuck can a national broadcaster imagine this is an appropriate way to run a station ?

Seriously, do they want to create a Jerry Springer type atrocity ?

You know they won’t have the real instigators in the studio, just some poor plebs who got nominated to take the abuse. What chance Bertie or Seanie.

Brendan O’Connor could do it if it doesn’t clash with You’re a Star.

Yes, I’d say they do.

I’m not in NE but I’m pretty f**king angry…

Hey amp-johnny get in line, theres one hell of a queue in front of ya. :laughing:

Here’s a sure ratings winner.

Bertie, blindfolded and dropped into the phoenix park from a helicopter his mission to get back to St lukes in under 60 minutes, but wait whats this… there are thousand of people waiting in the bushes, in the forests and behind the lions den.

Think of Treasure Hunt but more Hunted :angry:

I just imagined lunging at him out from behind a bush, axe clasped tightly… “NO MORE BASS FOR YOU YA LITTLE WEASEL FACED GOBSHITE !!!”

Whoa… that feels good !!

For future generations, Bertie will have to be the poster boy for all that was wrong with Celtic Tiger Ireland. There can be no other way.

You owe me a keyboard… :laughing:


Recent Hooke Line & Sinker overpriced shoebox residents committee gathering.

Remember the good old days? Why don’t RTE do a retrospective.

I’m impressed, WGU would be proud. :slight_smile:


Boss, the helicopter

coffee on screen :smiley:

oh that’s an oldie before WGU time :wink:

I follow in hallowed footsteps!