Just thought this might be of interest to people here.

Prime time,9.30 pm,RTE 1,Dec 11.

As the irish property bubble unwinds I find the timing of certain things fascinating.
Everyone here knows that prices are on the way doen at the moment
The government have a budget today based on and the property figures from ERSI report for October which actually relates to property prices around July or August.

They have decided to make very little changes to stamp duty as prices are beginning to stabilise.

The same day as the budget , Permanent TSB tighten up on their 100 percent mortgages. The day after the budget inerest rates will rise by .25 percent and an indication will be giving on fuure rises. And 5 days after the budget RTE run a progamme on the housing boom rip off.
What an iteresting chain of events.


It should be said that this programme does not appear to be about the housing boom rip-off per se.

That is to say, not about the rip-off prices of the boom. Rather, it’ll be about isolated and marginal shennanigans within the “industry”.

A bit like doing a programme about the Nazis decrying the fact that they didn’t keep proper accounts.

In other words, not seeing the wood for the trees.

still, it all adds up, straws and camels backs!

Yes it should be interesting to see what comes out and can only further impact sentiment and peoples feelings about the whole property sham, pyramid and all!

with people like Shane Ross bashing EA’s on the Late Late and the primetime thing tonight it won’t do anything for the market.

I can see the sticky now on AAM “Absolutely no discussion about Michael Kelly Auctioneers” :smiley:

He didn’t seem very convincing… :wink: :wink:

Just finished watching. Damn angry.
Now we need a ‘Name & Shame’ site for these feckers! Especially with regard to the EA bidding tricks.


Michael Kelly Esatae agents is now radioactive as far as I can tell and if I was a vendor or buyer dealing with them I’d run a shaggin mile!

Now did anyone get the transcript of the programe, from memory it seemed the Estate Agents policy was to “nail the fuckers to the wall”.

Now what exaclty did he mean with such cryptic tongue?

To be honest I have been entirely put off buying a house in Ireland and in fact have now ticked off another box why a crash is well overdue and is comming if not arrived.

This also happens to be the same box that adds another reason why leaving this DUMP is an attractive option.

YOu have more right buying a TV or bottle of shampoo.

Oh 'en the Prime Time jab about the departmental “cap on planners in the middle of a boom” was great, shocking but not unsurprising.

I have to say they really got the goods on the EA, much more explicit than even when they got the goods on overcharging in the banks.

So what more do we know about Ireland?

Well each time we look at insititutional affairs, the legal mob, the government, the proffessionals, the other legal mob the garda, we find galatic levels of corruption.

Grabbed this before they disappear into the wild blue yonder.

Of course they picked on the small operator, none of the big operators would do such a thing? would they?

Great find!!! How dare you suggest that one of the big boys would be complicit in these underhand and nefarious activities

Has anyone been able to find information on the various estate agents websites about the companies ethics, code of conduct, or code of practice or charter towards their customers (both buyer and seller)

If so could you post the link.

Its time to put the customer in the driving seat, lets make a list of pertinant questions that all prospective customers should ask of the agent before dealing with them and get it circulated.

Question 1: Does your company have a customer charter?
Question 2: Are you a member of the IAVI, IPAV or other professional body?
Question 3: May we see references?
Question 4: Do you comply fully with the Data Protection Act?
Question 5: Do you share any of my details with anyone, if so whom?
Question 6: Please show all fees you charge? are these subject to change?

OMG that’s funny. Deeply sick and cruel, but funny.

How can I be sure they are honest and ethical, when I have yet to see their customer service charter? The program claimed that the practices are widespread in the industry. How do I as a prospective customer know that I am dealing with an ethical estate agent and will be treated with respect and to the highest professional standards? What assurance can they give me?
Buying a house is possibly one of the biggest financial commitments I will ever make in my lifetime and paying several thousand over and above any offers that may not exist will cost me and my dependents dearly over the lifetime of the mortage.

Oonagh Smyth investigates the housing boom rip-offs and hidden dangers that threaten unsuspecting buyers in Ireland.
The program is 56 minutes log. Estate agents, Auctioneers, Mortgage brokers, builders, property management agents all come in for critisism.

dynamic.rte.ie/av/230-2200394.smil [realplayer required]

Featured companies in the program that the public should be wary of.

Michael Kelly & Associates - mkellyauctioneers.com/
Simply Mortgages - simplymortgages.ie/
Gunne Property, Dundalk - gunneproperty.com/
Coalport Building Co Ltd - cif.ie/asp/member_View.asp?ID=439 run by Thomas & Derek McFeely (also search courts.ie)
Keenan Property Management - kpm.ie/
Smith Property Management

…michael kelly will soon see his inventory fall as no vendor will want to be associated with him.

Having read AAM last night and again just now, I can confirm the threads about Prime Time have been cleansed.