RTE News/Prime Time - NAMA Developers Asset Transfers

Piece on 9 o’clock news, that many of the 30 largest developers transfered assets to spouses before the agency was set up.

At least we are now being told that we have been robbed.

I think this is the P Flynn moment, “let me tell ya when your running 3 households it aint cheap”
If this does half the job I think it will, people might finally realised how screwed they have been.
Joe Duffy will run with this as well tomorrow and given that people are pissed off of ice and snow the sight of Developer A having a house in Jamaica/Barbados/ Portugal/Spain/Florida is really going to screw with their heads

Should be on the Prime Time coming up…

I’ll edit the title in case anything interesting is on it.

I belive they have details of the mansions and country estates outside of the reach of NAMA.

Expect public anger tomorrow.

Now if only we had a list of FF Party contributors, so we could see if there was any correlation… :angry: :angry: :angry: :nin

Gerry Gannon - Mansion in Sutton, transferred 2 dozen properties to his wife including a lake and demense

Ripping into him.

Well at least the plain people of Ireland are keeping warm tonight as their collective blud pressure rises. Nice bit of filming in the BT carpark Mr and Mrs Gannon filling up the Landrover with BT shopping

Brilliant , Mick ( I have the biggest erectin in Cork)Oflynns chopper taking off from his mansion and landing at the race course. Jez China Rock looks like a decent horse,better than the THREE of his horses who ran at Galway

Ross of Mennolly homes, land banks given to the wife

NAMA trusts the developers but verifies what they say - I never heard such bullshit.

The developers have voluntarily brough back €130 million to the NAMA table, wonder what fraction of the total that is.

I know RTE have come in for some stick on the Pin for their Pravda-esque reporting, but you can’t fault the timing of this piece…most taxpayers and voters have nothing to do but stay in and let the state broadcaster spell out to you how much you have been stiffed by these talentless fools as you contemplate four years of austerity bailing out Landesbanken for lending to them.

If this doesn’t cause a political earthquake, nothing will. Should be a few Green TDs declaring their retirement soon. And hello sovereign default (if we have any self respect left).

Lenny is now looking a complete fool. “We are chasing developers to the ends of the earth”
THis ranks with a certain other FFer who said he had been up every tree in North County Dublin.

See my post about the radio play last night on Radio 1 in Bubble Radio interesting timing all round
Sinn Féin must be licking their lips

McNamara got 43 of the Elm Park apartments, wife got shares in an investment company.

I’m not a lawyer but I had to study a bit of it and I don’t understand how this doesn’t fall under fraudulent preference. Surely it is clear that the assets were transferred to frustrate creditors who had a rightful claim on them.

Technicially, you are probably correct.
But remember, this is Ireland.

'mazing the way FF& the Greens & the Dail could pass a law to stop the Banks bonuses in 48 hours, but can’t do anything about this ??? :unamused:

I must say it was nice to have discussed on the Pin before because I’d be fuming now if I was hearing this for the first time.

Anyone ever watch Cougartown well I’m a going Cougar hunt for some develepors wives