RTÉ: Prof Philip Lane to be next CBoI Governer

From RTÉ, 20th Oct 2015


](Philip Lane named as new Central Bank Governor)

Readers of Irisheconomy.ie will be familar with some of his work. His personal site is philiplane.org/

Here he is in 2011 on issues in the Euro

Blue Horseshoe

Beats having the insider from the Civil Service. But time will tell

The key test is, does he fiddle with the 3.5x Income & 20% deposit rule ?

Congratulations over on The Irish Economy.

Sigh of relief.

Best we could have hoped for?

In fairness to the late Brian Linehan jr. He did initially appoint Honohan, who seemed to do an awful lot of the right thing.

Outstanding result. If you read his stuff on Irisheconomy, it is built of sense.

I give him 6 months before he runs screaming down Dame Street.

This has freed up a couple of pins from my Noonan doll.

In other news, Marian Finucane is going to have a bad week.

Once every now and then my faith in the Irish political establishment gets a little bit restored. This is one of those occasions. The cynic in me says that he only appointed Lane because we are on the eve of a GE, but I have to hand it to Baldy nonetheless

well done Noonan

insiders for the last couple of years have said that Watt is outstanding at his job ( I believe them )

but it was a step too far to promote him in this way

Anyone know what his views are on loan rules? Hope he’ll leave them alone

Wyatt was Noonan’s (and Enda’s) 1st choice but the ECB veto’ed.

Same lady in Frankfurt who forced the 3.5 x Mortgage Rule (she has a portfolio of PIIG banks under the repo program).

Usual Irish mess-up, and were sent scurrying for a Honahan Mk II (i.e. Prof. of Economics), that she would accept.

ECB up to their eyes in Irish repos (rolling weekly loans at 0% for Irish banks to buy 10 year Irish Sov. Debt).

Not taking any crap from Noonan.


Nothing very scary there, except maybe “it is necessary that the European Fiscal framework be** intelligently interpreted** to enable the attainment of these twin goals”.

Noonan set up for a massive fight over the 3.5 x Mortgage Rule.

Commissioned loads of “expert” reports on why it should be 4.5 x and 10%.

Was not only shut down, but told any further agitation (direct or indirect) would have consequences.

Since then, Noonan has been sulking, refusing to resolve and land issues, rent issues etc.

Keeps claiming to ECB that all Irish issues around Irish housing are from the 3.5 x Mortgage Rule.

Raised it as a potential area of “social unrest” with some ECB members (even sent one cuttings from Simon Community).

Unfortunately for Noonan, ECB board members have better understanding of real estate economics than Irish journalists.

Was sent back a report on why Irish land is fundamentally overvalued and the state’s role supporting this.

Pins firmly re-inserted into the Noonan doll. :smiley:

Is this insider information or is there a verifiable source?

They’re clearly working :slight_smile:

German steel are they?

Great posts observer35. Is there any copy of that report available? I assume it won’t be published in Ireland but the EU probably will?

:smiley: thanks all, report showing pan-euro city land prices vs. cost of build vs. av. ind. wages.

Ireland was circa. average for two of these three, but and much higher for third.

can’t clarify any more.