RTE show rapped for bank ‘run’

Brian Lenihan protests over Liveline host urging callers to withdraw their money

SBP has this too

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I see the government did not leak a story to the media about how the Financial Regulator Neary was missing in action until Liveline gave him what we Galwegians call a “Root In The Hole!” and* how Neary in FinReg and Hurley in the Central Bank were missing in action most of the week.* . Hurley to this very day. :frowning:

Was the source of the “rumour” about Santander in take over talks of BOI nailed down yet and if not, why not ?

Bit convenient that one Gatelodge . Santander were gentlemen because they never denied it 8)

More p1ss and W1nd from Jody Corcoran. He’s as good a journalist as Lenihan is a Finance Minister.
Totally useless then.

Government spends it’s enerfy blaming everyone else, and only does what it should have done all along when shamed into it.

Business as usual then.

Nobody seems to care that despite RTE highlighting the ridiculously low level of cover, there was no run on a bank.
Joe Duffy’s show explained something factual to people who didn’t realise it prior to this week, that if you have more than 22K in an irish bank, 20K is all you’ll get back, and you can reduce your risk by diversifying accross a number of banks.

Brian Lenihan should be ashamed of himself that he’s questioning the eduction of people in this regard. Is it any wonder RTE has never had a good Watchdog style consumer interests show on tv or radio.


2Pack, haven’t you noticed before, Hurley has been MIA for the last 10 years !

I dispute that Hurley is MIA. What action would that be? More like AWOL.

Quite right Bungaloid, you get shot if you go AWOL in combat. :nin

I must have missed the calls for an enquiry into these recent events:

  • Short selling banned
  • Rumours of takeover being spread in the market.

Those evil Long-buyers could be trying to manipulate the market, :smiling_imp:

The takeover rumours were deliberately timed to coincide with Lenihan’s 100k announcement.

Yet here we are Monday morning and the dust has settled: arguably, we’re in a worse situation.