RTÉ: Stark warning issued for Irish labour market

From RTÉ, 9th August 2011


](Stark warning issued for Irish labour market)

The page includes a link to the full report. The NESC is a veritable “who’s who” of social partnership.



From the report

Blue Horseshoe

Except these guys.

Amazing how the same names keep popping up on these quangos.

who the hell are these guys? Who funds NESC, who is on their board?

just adding - its a council of some sort

NESC Council

Martin Fraser (Department of the Taoiseach)

Deputy Chairperson: To be confirmed
The Environmental Pillar

Oisín Coghlan (Friends Of the Earth)

Michael Ewing (The Environmental Pillar of Social Partnership)

Karin Dubsky (The Environmental Pillar)

Siobhan Egan (The Environmental Pillar)
Trade Union Pillar Nominees

Sally Anne Kinahan (ICTU)

Peter McLoone (IMPACT)

David Begg (ICTU)

Manus O’Riordan (Services Industrial Professional Technical Union)
Business and Employer Organisation Pillar Nominees

Danny McCoy (IBEC)

Tony Donohue (IBEC)

Ian Talbot (Chambers Ireland)

Tom Parlon (Construction Industry Federation)
Agricultural and Farming Organisation Pillar Nominees

Seamus O`Donohoe (Irish Co-Operative Organisation Society)

Frank Allen (Irish Creamery Milk Suppliers Association)

Pat Smith (IFA)

Edmond Connolly (Macra na Feirme)
Community and Voluntary Pillar Nominees

Sean Healy (Social Justice Ireland)

Bríd O’Brien (INOU)

Caroline Fahey (St. Vincent de Paul)

James Doorley (National Youth Council of Ireland)
Government Department Nominees

Kevin Cardiff (Department of Finance)

Sean Gorman (Department of Enterprise, Trade & Innovation)

Brigid McManus (Department of Education and Skills)

Geraldine Tallon (Department of Environment, Heritage and Local Government)
Independent Nominees

Prof Edgar Morgenroth, Associate Research Professor, ESRI

Prof John McHale, NUI, Galway

Prof Mary Daly, Queens University Belfast

Prof Anna Davies, Trinity College Dublin

Prof Seán Ó Riain, NUI, Maynooth

Dr Michael O’Sullivan, Head of UK Research & Global Asset Allocation, Credit Suisse

Dr Michelle Norris, School of Applied Social Science, UCD Geary Institute

Mary Walsh, Chartered Accountant
These fuckers making up government policy? Conflict of interest anyone?? WTF**

lots of sociologists and fuck all labour market economists

It’s part of NESDO, silly.

Just found the value for money report published in 2009:
taoiseach.gov.ie/eng/Publica … Office.pdf

The figures for costs only go up to 2007 when NESC cost 837,000 euro and had a staff of, er, 7… that’s 120k a head… now I’m sure that some goes on office, advertising, printing up the headed paper, office supplies, Christmas parties and morale-boosting events and the like, but still, an SME of 7 people with a cost base like that it heading for ‘fucked’ before you can say ‘fuck me’.

nesc.ie/en/our-organisation/ … highlight1

I have a big issue with this nonsense. These guys are costing us a fortune when really we should be electing people who can make decisions on their own, people who are qualified for the job.

Instead we end up with idiots like alcohol swilling Cowen and career politicians like Kenny at the helm who depend on this crap to make decisions and come up with ideas for them. What you end up with is the same governance despite having different political parties in powers

The root of our problems are political

oh yeah i forgot

**National Internship Programme to be extended **


Begg is on another board. What a fucking surprise! I’d say he makes the average wage of his union members from all the boards he’s on.

I think thats enough messenger shooting for now.

The point made is real though, if a little obvious. Of particular worry are the thousands of male twenty somethings, many of whom are enjoying a one year stay of execution in Canada or Australia, who basically need to go back to school if they have any chance of avoiding long term unemployment.

Re-skilling is needed but we need massive numbers of unskilled jobs to be created in the economy too. The economy is being kept in such a position as to minimise job growth and economic growth as a whole. We have NAMA putting a floor under rents and accommodation purchasing costs strangling the economy. We have Croke Park strangling the economy, we have hikes in taxes and cuts coming that will strangle the economy even further. We have a massive debt to GDP ratio strangling the economy. We have insurance & electricity costs that are far too high strangling growth. Ireland is small and opportunities are limited on a good day, throw in the national internship scheme and expand it and you will completely eliminate real paid job growth. Make it a necessity for people to claim the dole and this gives no choice in the matter and the scheme takes complete hold and the places will all be filled and deemed a success.

Re-skill everyone tomorrow and we`ll still have massive long term unemployment as the economy isnt going to create many jobs.

Yer man Fraser the Chairman of this talking shop has been in the civil service since he was 16. He’s early forties now I think.

Nice work if you can get it.

AFAIK these people don’t get paid for being Council members.

They may not get a salary but then neither do GAA managers.

Expences (particularly the unvouched type) are better than wages as they are tax free.