RTÉ: Tubridy's conversation with Dublin County Sheriff

Seems the Sheriff’s profile is being raised …

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Nice heads up BH

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shouldn’t have to, I know I havn’t. Should be just click and go. It uses Real Player, so you should have that installed.

Either that or the Sheriff has turned up, repossessed your borwser and the bank has already changed the locks … :laughing:

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try upgrading to the latest realplayer

You are possibly going through a proxy or firewall?

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Yes. That was it. Thanks. :smiley:

Not as bad as you would have thought, given the amount of doom and gloom being posted about the property market. In a way it’s quite positive as the Sherriff states there have been no evictions this year.

The figures he gave do not show the end of the property world.
However he does end with the warning that the indications are he will be busier next year…

Remember this is from the independent guy on the ground, with no VIs to spin it any differently (positively or negatively).

Most common reason for eviction is for anti-social behaviour (03:40).

Evictions for banks have “died down a good bit” (03:50). In the 80’s there were 360+ a year (03:55) or one a day (03:59).

This year to date has been 70 eviction orders (04:02). Only 31 of those were for banks (04:23).

Last year there were 54 (04:06). Only 20 of those were for banks (04:18).

Majority have settled with the bank when they arrive (06:57) and thus no eviction. Very few nowadays are actually repossessed (07:14).

Has not had a forceful eviction for many years (07:58).

Very common for people’s possessions to be put out on the road during the 80s’ (08:48) but has not been done at all since then (08:45).

No house has been repossessed this year (09:14).

Profiles of people facing eviction can easily be people in expensive houses ie. €400k - €500k (09:55) and seem to lose their house through gambling/marriage breakups/alcohol etc. (10:17).

Nowadays getting people who are very heavily borrowed with very little room for manoeuvre (10:26).

Indications are there will be more orders for evictions next year. One lawyer has 69 orders in the pipeline for subprime (12:38).

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