RTE tv news at 6.00pm

Just caught a piece on the main tv news, showed a house in some expensive part of dublin, asking price had dropped by 500k still something like 3.5m. THe interesting thing was they spoke to the EA who freely said that the property wasnt moving and they had few viewings and no offers. They showed some other house in Donnybrook I think which was suffering a similar fate. I presume this will be repeated on the 9.00pm news.

PS the last line in the piece was
“Econimists expect prices to recover next year”

Good news to round off the bad

I think this is one of the houses from the 6 o’clock report.
More on it here

Says it all

€3.25 million for a semi D with a tiny backyard. What?? No offers??? :unamused:

Think that was the one alright, either a mark of desperation to “go public” or a master stroke of advertising. I got the impression the final line was almost a “dont call us doom merchants” clause

RTE is entered from Nutley lane, its the road right outside RTE!!! ITS THE ENTRANCE!!!

Pays to have good neigbhours.

They didn’t mention, exactly who these economists, who said prices would recover next year are? , did they?

NO just economists seemed to be a catchall phrase, the assumption being all economists have the same view of where we are going.
Dont know that part of DUbland but to my culchie eye that figure is completely insane

I am surprised that Comical and Desperate did not put themselves forward to speak on the record . I am you know ! This doom is bad for business.

dynamic.rte.ie/av/230-2298375-320-180.smil [realplayer required]

The end of the report was funny - "Economist’s are predicting some recovery in the market next year and say the property slowdown is almost at an end" Niamh Nolan, RTE News, Dublin.

They’ll be saying the recovery is just around the corner for the next five years at least.

You do well in your chosen career; get to the point where the bank doesn’t mind signing on the dotted line for a mortgage for 3.25 million odd (previous house notwithstanding).
And for this, you get a pretty non-descript semi-d in Dublin which appears to have views of the road and someone else’s garden and among it’s list of features is double glazing? Yikes!

For the same money, you could buy this in Sydney with harbour views:

Or this number overlooking Balmoral beach:

Or, your own thoroughbred training centre :open_mouth:

Let me get this straight. They said on the news the price on this gaff gazing over RTE is going UP again soon???

You posted the same link three times but you’re not wrong about getting much better abroad.
When I see all those tables where Ireland is listed as being close to the top of the richest countries in the world I just don’t buy into it.
Even when you look at the kind of property you can afford for the same money it’s comical as you have shown.
Views of Sydney Harbor vs views of……… Mrs Prendergast’s kitchen window and the road….

Did I miss some announcement by an EA, bank or ESRI report?
I was just wondering what prompted this report on RTE main news? Its most unusual to do a report like that without some sort of context.

My thoughts exactly, I didnt catch the very start of it but it seemed to be pulled out of the air. I think the Economists line at the end was for balance purposes. Any possibility that its some distressed RTE alecadoo who cant shift their pile, ILUVBEERs link to the Irish TImes would suggest that someone needs to shift this quickly and has a certain amount of “pull” or maybe I am too conspiratorial

The links look different to me. So do the pages that come up.

Maybe it’s just a wee bit of investigative journalism (I use the term loosely enough…) from RTE News off their own backs, rather than the usual sales pitch allowed to the “bank economists”?

The report did seem to be plucked out of the air. I thought it was a hugely significant piece. I mean for an EA to appear on the main evening news, telling the country that a house price had reduced significantly, that there were very few viewings, and no offers. I can’t imagine that the VI’s would have been too happy with her breaking ranks like that.

I was thinking about this report and it is very significant in that there was no denial or room for it. We are now firmly in the fear stage with the government trying to label us as ‘doom mongers’ and downward speculation about the future as economists revise their forecasts downwards.