RTE unsustainable gravy train?


Here is one of the reasons behind why RTE is fucked

The more they get, the more they take.

Number of Employees (2007) 2,307

Average Wages / costs per employee is €73.5k

YES, thats correct!

**€169,615 - strike - should read €73.5k **

The staff and management of RTE quite clearly hold the Irish people in contempt.


I don’t think you can just take their budget and divide it by the number of employees. How much does buying various rights costs for example? Although I do wish they’d just outsource all that to Sky.


You are mistaken. The total staff costs are 169,615k. the average per emp is 72k, not a pittance but well bolow your calc. 2007 report page 58

rte.ie/about/pdfs/annual_rep … nglish.pdf


What has this got to do with the irish property bubble?


Excuse me, I dont write for the SBP (re your reference to my source and your assumption to my methods)

The wage cost per employee in RTE for the 2,307 employees in 2007 was €169,615,000

Thats a cold hard fact

€169,615,000 is the wage bill grumpy is correct, I posted the incorrect figure in my OP

(re Provosts Q, whats this got to do with the property bubble? lol, a bubble is a bubble and bubbles contaminate neighbouring bubbles… shall I continue?)


Based on house prices in the area that is how much they should be paid if they are to live locally.

I’ll get my coat now…


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independent.ie/national-news … 56637.html

This is Govt spending, should it not be in Central Bank?

How on earth are they spending so much a week at all :open_mouth:


tribune.ie/article/2009/may/ … dquarters/


Like the redevelopment of the Beamish site, this is looking for gains from land that should simply not be permitted. There is no reason why the Montrose site should be rezoned, other than RTE’s desperate need for cash so it can pay the bills for this year. This is not a good reason for rezoning. Nor is it in any way prudent to sell fixed assets to pay wage bills…

Um, sack the board!


i knew a guy who worked in RTE in the nineties and he wanted to leave. he told his supervisor that he was quiting and wanted to know should he put it in writing etc…
his supervisor said “don’t know, no one’s ever leaves, i’ll get back to you on that”.
he left what he discribed as a zombie mall.


I knew a camerman there who worked his 25yrs and took redundancy and full pension and returned immediately as a freelnacer. He still puts in a full week at a tidy rate what with using his own gear now.


I see nothing wrong with rezoning this land. It’s close to the city centre. Thousands of people could live there and work in the City. It is actually a walkable distance(I’ve walked it) but it is on major bus routes in to the city too.
I remember walking around Montrose years ago and was shocked by how big the place was but how little was in it.
The Fair City sets aren’t much to look at in the flesh either.
The thing is, it should have been sold off years ago at the top of the market rather than now in desperation.

Like the DAA you have to wonder how they have so many employees when a lot of the work at the site is contracted out.
A large portion of the local programming is produced on the basis of contracts awarded to production companies, i.e. commissioned.
The commissioning model they use is one of the reasons why I think RTE doesn’t need to exist in it’s current form. Outside production companies can and do produce quality programming cheaply and it only takes a handful of people to commission the programming within RTE.


When I responded you were claiming a per employee cost of €169k. You can’t edit your post with new figures and then come back and complain to people who responded before you edited.


Close it down,it would be no loss what with tainted interviews on primetime and if a government minister farts RTE apologises. Its an excuse for television ever see fairly shitty its crap, Late Late Show is long past due leaving and the new guy they put on. Well f*** me the old guy was bad but the new one, I mean what tablets is he on?


herald.ie/national-news/rte- … 65726.html


The term “blood from a stone” springs to mind.


Well I am sure that RTE will have no problems collecting an increased fee, seeing as most people have plenty of money to spend on discretionary things.

Time for civil disobedience and refuse to pay the TV tax.


They have literally got to be joking. Increasing a tax on the population of the country to support the cosseted, unionised zombies moistening the leather chairs in RTE…absolutely no way I will pay until I see redundancies and huge paycuts across the board to correct the ridiculous wages currently paid. If they can’t continue in their current state, then change the current state but don’t knock on my door asking for a handout.

Monumental pricks.


I have already decided to get rid of my TV when my licence is up for renewal.I cannot bear to pay the wages of these people anymore.


Yeah I did the same a couple of years ago for similar reasons. Great feeling when the License guy comes along. Used to come around about once every six months like some latter-day Inspector Clouseau