RTE unsustainable gravy train?


I don’t really watch much telly, but there are some good things that I will miss, however they are almost never on RTE. Did you miss it much?


There is very little nowadays that you can’t watch online, either through downloads or streaming. Personally I prefer the experience of watching a tv than a computer screen, but you could always use a projector if that bothers you.


Can you unsubscribe to RTE, but continue with other channels and not be liable for the RTE licence fee? I’m sure you can’t but just asking.


Charmschooldropout, does the inspector actually demand access to your home to check that you don’t have a TV?

Lir, you actually pay a TV license for ownership of the TV, so if you have a TV, whether it is tuned in or not or you’re simply using it for console gaming, you still have to pay a TV license.


oh right. Well in that case, the licence fee should go on TV size, like car VRT …


Ssssh be quite, didn’t you know that many politicians read these forums, so we don’t want to giving them any ideas on increasing our taxes :smiley:

BTW, did you also know that if your PC has a TV tuner card you would still have to pay for a TV license.


No, didn’t know that either, that really sucks. But somehow, can’t imagine the TV inspector examining all your PC/laptops to see if you have a turner card or not. They surely don’t have the technology to trace their signals back to your your IP or something…?


Why should I pay for these fat cats, with their useless programs and bland presenters. Privatise it and be done with it.
irishexaminer.com/home/rte-p … 95637.html


This says it all really.

More people now tuning in to watch rubbish satellite TV than RTE1


Sunday July 05 2009

MORE people now watch silly television shows like Britain’s Worst (or Fattest) Parents, Bromance or Are You Smarter Than A 10-Year-Old? than RTE’s flagship station RTE 1 for the first time ever… blah blah blah

independent.ie/business/iris … 06508.html


10 years on

RTE Group average no. of employees = 1,853
Total wages = 122,820,000
Average wage = 66,271


Do these figures include the wages of ‘the talent’?


I’m thinking No because they are not employees


Nor would it include the cameraman written about earlier in this thread who took redundancy and continued working for years as a contractor - how many of these examples exist?


Ray Darcy door stepped at the Ploughing championship about recent comments he made about being ashamed to be Irish because African unemployment levels here run at up to 50/60% in some areas, and of course quizzed about his substantial salary as an RTE ‘star’

Ray makes an exit stage left, or out the back of the RTE guide stand anyway. Could watch this kind of programming every once in a while, not do them one bit of harm.


Embarrassed to be Irish but not embarrassed about his salary! If there was any sanity in RTE world, he would still be presenting the Den. Which was just about his level.


“Ray” Mr. D’Arcy should have corrected that woman, his salary is actually €400,000.

(400k is also an outrageous sum. The President of America is paid $400,000 a year. Slightly less than Mr. D’Arcy.)


‘‘The people who pay my enormous salary embarrass me’’


I see Sean O’Rourke is retiring next week. One of the few quality broadcasters RTE had left IMO


Joe Duffy opens up on losing his private pension for the second time in 10 years

RTE broadcaster Joe Duffy has opened up about losing his pension for the second time in 10 years as a result of international crises.

The Liveline host stated that he does not have a pension from RTE as he is a contractor, and added that he has ‘no safety net’.

Speaking to the Sunday Independent, Mr Duffy revealed that he is not ‘on staff’ at RTE, and will not therefore be obliged to retire when he turns 65 in January, but added that the broadcaster can let him go at anytime.

The Ballyfermot man spoke about his frugal nature and the losses he has experienced as a result of the pandemic, stating: ‘Any spare money goes into the pensions in our household. I don’t have a pension from RTE, I don’t have sick pay and I don’t have a safety net — and the pension is gone again.

‘It disappeared 10 years ago with the crash and now with COVID-19. It was invariably invested in stocks and shares.’


Joe is quick to claim the poor mouth. He is paid 400 grand a year and his radio show is 75 minutes long, with regular sabbaticals.
Stock markets have only fallen so far in recent months, but he knows there are enough out there who will never check


To keep his own head level, he has started to meditate. “I am doing it every night. At 8pm there is an organisation called mindfulness.ie and I sit down on my own and try to get everything out of my head. You are not identified and you don’t have to show your face or speak and it is led by someone for a half an hour of silence and contemplation. I find it uplifting in my work anyway just to sit there and focus on you and what you are doing and how you are thinking.”

Poor “Joe”, I can imagine him at the end of the day trying to get all the callers voices out of his head.