RTE unsustainable gravy train?


The fucking irony. If some sad sap rang up moaning about losing his pension Joe would be beating off to it

“Go on, go on”


He does not say what he invested in. At his age he should be mostly in bonds and not stocks, but even if you were in stocks you still have the units and they have recovered a lot of ground. This has a bang of financial incompetence from it. Just using buy to hold index tracking ETFs for the last 10 years would see it grow around 10% per year. To lose 2 pension pots in little more than a decade, after 2002-2007 bull market and the longest bull run in history takes some doing.

Starting today if he put 25% if his current pay into a conservative investment plan, a Ray Dalio All Weather type portfolio, in 5 years his pot would be bigger than most.


what is Duffy crying about. the likes of the DJ index (pun intended) are well above 2007 levels.


Half an hour ago… Ireland, twitter trending, of the top 4:




Who do ye reckon will replace Joe Duffy on Liveline in January when he retires?


RTE should replace everyone with Tommy Tiernan ( and clones ) across all programs.


Its full speed ahead to the 1980s

This is the best bit,

Rock, who himself competed in the Eurovision Song Contest and finished fourth, has since hit back at the younger man, telling The Sun: "Give Johnny a hug? I’d give him a fucking box. I’m 82. Even now I’d give him a box.”


Worth remembering when considering the independence of reporting here

RTÉ sought emergency funding from Government due to Covid-19

Broadcaster said fall in licence fee income meant it needed emergency funds

State-owned broadcaster RTÉ sought emergency funding from the Government as a result of a decline in licence fee income due to the Covid-19 pandemic, with the organisation forecasting a possible €118 million fall in revenues.

A return to the State’s lobbying register shows that the broadcaster’s director general, Dee Forbes, lobbied the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment. She had a Zoom call on April 8th with Minister for Communications Richard Bruton and others including the department’s secretary general. Another Zoom call took place on April 21st.

“Covid-19 has materially impacted both RTÉ’s commercial revenue and TV Licence income,” a spokesman told The Irish Times. “At present we are forecasting that RTÉ’s total revenues could be reduced by between 25-35 per cent this year as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Covid-19 has also had a significant impact on RTÉ’s schedules and programming, particularly in the areas of sport and drama.”

According to the latest available financial reports for RTÉ, it had licence fee revenue of €189 million in 2018 and commercial revenue of €150 million. Based on its 2018 figures, a 25 per cent decline in revenues would wipe almost €85 million off RTÉ’s revenue base this year while a 35 per cent fall would cut as much as €118 million.

There is more



Just hook the sound board above up to the mike and get some transition year student on work experience to click on the options at random, none of Joe’s audience will ever know the difference, in fact for all we know RTE have been doing this for years


Uptick in licence fee refusal signalled by RTE. Must be significant enough

RTÉ income set to fall by up to 35% due to Covid-19
RTÉ’s total income is expected to fall by up to 35% due to the coronavirus emergency, according to a submission from the broadcaster to the Oireachtas Covid-19 committee.

In the submission, RTÉ Director-General Dee Forbes says that since the crisis took hold, licence fee sales have “fallen sharply”, adding: “Given that national evasion levels were already at almost 13% prior to the Covid emergency, this current situation has intensified an existing problem.”

Ms Forbes notes that advertising has also been severely impacted, because as businesses ceased trading, so too did their need to advertise.

There is more


Apart from reduced income from both the licence fee and commercial revenue, she sites additional costs including increased news coverage, dedicated programming and new commissions.

We are Ignorant (and intolerant) illiterate gobshites and we are entitled to your money.


In fairness, I always wondered why tv license wasn’t just given to Revenue to collect and sort it once and for all?


It then becomes effectively a tax, something that would be unacceptable to some!


Because the collection mechanism is just a subsidy to An Post, similar to the means of collecting road tax, road tax could be either rolled into fuel taxes which follows the ‘polluter pays’ principal or go totally digital like the UK.


It has come to this. So quickly


RTÉ to broadcast Eid celebration at Croke Park as plans go ahead for 200 guests

Guests at the event will include Minister Roderic O’Gorman, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, Archbishop Michael Jackson, and Rabbi Zalman Lent.

A CELEBRATION OF the Muslim festival Eid Al Adha is to take place in Croke Park tomorrow with 200 guests, following uncertainty over attendance numbers after the government’s roadmap to reopen the country was slowed down earlier this month.

The event, which is taking place in Croke Park for the first time, was originally due to have 500 people in attendance.



Are tickets still available for Hill 16?
I’d like to be there for Archbishop Martin going public on why Catholicism is the one true Faith, proclaiming Jesus as God Incarnate, then asking the rabbi and the other assembled infidels to repeat that after him.


Are women allowed attend?


Yes, women are allowed attend. But they must stay behind the goal line.


Presume RTE had coverage of mass on Easter Sunday?

And cover up the Christian symbol of the GAA crest


Who gives a fup, I wont be watching. RTE are always broadcasting Catholic religious nonsense as well, the angelus anyone? without people calling for defunding, double standards wha?
I was rather surprised to see that apparently 53% of people see no problems with more Muslim immigration into this country(https://www.irishexaminer.com/news/arid-40023635.html), woke country. If ever there was a lot that dont/won’t integrate with the local culture its this lot, just ask the French.
What will it mean to be Irish in 20 years time?, same as it means elsewhere, global citizen who happens to speak english as a first language, that’s about it.
Is my pension in safe hands with the youth of today?, I doubt it, even if there was more of them.