RTE unsustainable gravy train?


As if our welfare bill isn’t high enough already :grin:


The BBC should be funded by the Foreign Office. It’s the best Diplomatic service in the world and can reach places others can only dream of.


I don’t think you understand the term “Welfare State” and all that it implies. :icon_eek::ninja: :whistle:

Bottom line - Ireland will need to import and export more Bananas than it is accustomed or setup to do.


RTE should be closed 20 years ago.


RTE has talked for months about old people during the pandemic. The thing to remember though is that in typical Socialist Revolutionary fashion RTE hates old people & the past. And wants rid of an older person who actually knows and remembers the songs he’s requested to play by older listeners.


Agree. Collins is a brilliant music radio broadcaster - relaxed and unassuming - and has plenty more working life left in him. But of course he ticks all the wrong boxes for super-woke RTE: straight, white, golf-playing, vaguely middle-class in outlook - and old.

BBC Radio 2 did the complete opposite about twenty years ago in deciding to provide for that audience and it paid off handsomely in terms of increasing listeners. Veterans like Tony Blackburn, Johnny Walker, Brian Matthews (who was on the air almost until he died at age of 88) and Terry Wogan who retired due to ill health in his mid-70s. Bob Harris remains a mainstay of the schedule at 74.

I’d keep Collins and bring back Brendan Balfe too…


You’d imagine Una Healy will costs RTE a lot less to hire, which is a big factor in current climate. They are broke


I’d doubt Una Healy would be that cheap to hire, she has a reasonably high profile in the UK (which is different to most of the C list Irish celebrities).


See, people will argue all day long that homosexuality is natural so can’t be discouraged. And that there is no gay agenda. But actually there is. And this is where promoting/tolerating homosexuality leads.

If the bishop was smart he’d argue for a Licence Fee boycott.


That was Sarah Silverman level stuff, they do seem to keep signalling their allegiance and it ain’t to the Church Of Atheism.

Afterall freedom of expression is inalienable but there is no accounting for taste.


They’ve been institutionally Godless for decades. Editorially and the management have that Godless mindset which has now approved mocking of God, and their God fearing Licence payers. They’ve shifted from sin to Evil.

I don’t even think an apology would be sufficient. And there isn’t even a sign of an apology.


This was the top read story on the Irish Times when I posted about it last night. But now it’s been memory holed, isn’t even in the Top 10 most read stories and has disappeared from the front page of their website.

Satan never stops


“Apologies if YOU were offended. We did nothing wrong.”


Interesting though. The first time I can remember the Regime luvvies taking a backward step in a long long time. Id expect a proper apology and the piece to be removed over the coming days.

The last few days has been quite unusual. The extent of the reaction to the protests in Blanchardstown and the blowback experienced by supporters of same on the left has been immense. Coppinger and others may have likely signed their political death warrants.

Maybe the swings and roundabouts are beginning to swing around…the universe and all that Nidgey…


No. On the contrary this was RTE hierarchy deliberately deciding to let the envelope be pushed and not apologize.

The George thing not being taken up by the Woke Comintern must have been the circumstances which didn’t suit their narrative. Also you can assume all the videos that haven’t come out (the shop, the family’s filming from inside the house) are all really bad for George. We’re only being shown what the Liberal Establishment want us to see.


Yea, the big absence of the usual CCTV footage and all that is classic censoring of news by omission. None of that event fits the narrative and others too. In fact, it brings down more than one sacred cow of the bilderbergites and wanna-be new-world-orderists who get a spot at the top table or want to keep their spot.


Ive seen videos of the guy swinging at Guards, people being attacked by mobs as well as dead guys brother calling for Gardai to be ‘contracted’ , at a public protest ie reams of counter-narrative footage.

The fact that RTE has sought to ignore it only serves to underpin the likelihood that they simply lost control of the message early on and havent been able to regain control at any point since.


Maybe they don’t want too many questions being asked about this guy’s history and the circumstances of his arrival in Ireland. It would appear that his younger siblings were the anchor babies and he was moved over at a later date-on paper from Nigeria but in reality almost certainly from the UK. Had he been diagnosed/treated professionally for mental illness or was he just really into superskunk and crack?


Yeah you’ve seen those videos but they’re not seen by 95% of the population. The Establishment didn’t really lose control. They kept control by not showing anything truthful, but unhelpful. The Irish Times is actively running as PR handler for the brother by printing his soft comments but not his threats.

Agreed. The stories never stand any scrutiny. It could be the reason.


RTE’s non apology was mentioned on the 9 o’clock news. It was interesting that they shifted responsibility to Waterford Whispers News rather than accepting responsibility as the broadcaster.