Rumour 2 FF Tds have gone awol for vote this evening

I dunno if they are of the easily whipped or nominally ‘independent’ variety but they are being sought right now…frantically.

John Currans First test… will he pass ?

What’s the government majority?

Love it… :smiley:

One is apparently Ned O Keefe but the news is that Ned is not strictly AWOL but looking for certain assurances on Quinn Health ( was BUPA) who employ 500 in Fermoy. I assume he is looking for the written and clear sort of assurance and from on high.

I dunno who the other one is.

Maybe John McGuinness has finally grown a pair…?

Vote on now … h512KB.htm

ned is checkin for furriners and lehman’s brothers coz they broke the system…

Nail biting…

83 - 68

I know a few have pegged out but that isn’t anyway close to 166

This type of behaviour is the only reason why we are where we are. Everything else is mere detail.

where the hell were the rest of the opposition TDs ?

Kenny and Gilmore will want to get their act together and abandon all pairing arrangements.