Rumour: "one off housing" to be banned!

The missus was telling me that she heard that there were plans afoot to severly restrict or ban completely construction of one off housing in the countryside. (“dúirt bean liom go ndúirt bean léi”)

The story goes that it’s being introduced to “make the empties more saleable” in the midlands.

I know that similar legistation was brought in in NI a couple of years ago to bring the province in line with England & Wales where one off building is already severly restricted to "preserve the countryside, so it could be that it is being introduced for similar reasons.

Anybody hear of this?

I’ve noticed that. A site for building a house on in this country is far less compared to the North.

It was originally PPS14 which brought about the restriction of building in the countryside. This made plots and rural housing even more expensive and priced out rural workers. This year a draft policy PPS21 was brought into force and according to the press 98% of applications succeeded … fecf1342a1

Now site prices are dropping like a stone in some areas. see TDGTTS.

Farmers registered can now apply for a plot approval every 10 years and dilapidated buildings can be replaced.

Looks like PPS14 didn’t work in the North and bring any rural solution for rural workers.

Gormley realises " It’s The Empties Stoopid" eh ??

It makes sense of course. The state will end up owning 1000’s of one off houses in the countryside through NAMA and will be looking at an enormous surplus of these in much of the state .

Property taxes will flush a lot of holiday homes onto the market instead of their being left lying empty in certain areas too.

We do not need ANY new houses in much if not most of the country , none .

But I have not heard anything specific and these kinds of rumours give certain professionals something to do apropos urgent planning applications .

I doubt it. Most one off houses are not built by developers but by individuals. I can’t see too many of them being the subject of assets backing developer loans.

or Gormley already knows that one off housing is completely unsustainable and will be a nightmare in the long term as the population ages.

He had best do it quickly then !!

horse bolted, shed door . . .

still, it’ll work over time if they start now.

Fine. One off housing is ‘unsustainable’.

But what is the fuppin alternative for those people who don’t want to live in a goddamn rabbit hutch built by a paid up member of the FF back-scratchers club !!!

Why can’t the Greens come up with an sustainable alternative for people who want to build their own home !

It’s not fuckin hard, its possible in just about every other country on the planet.

If, & I do mean If, this rumour has any substance; then this is just another phase of the ‘bail out the builders & screw the taxpayers’ plan & the Greens are showing their true colours by being complicit in it. :imp: :imp:

I’m fuckin fed up with being fed shite day in & day out being told its for my own good & there’s no alternative.

If you hear about a sniper on a water tower later today, it’ll probably be me.

Here we go again… -fu*king around with people’s lives just to protect the interests of a few bankrupt FFers. Or is it that the urbanist Greens have had a vision of rural ethnic clensing? The countryside would be so much more enjoyable to cycle around if it wasn’t for the peasants. There 'll be trouble over this.

I’d an argument with some guy from Dub whinging about people living in the countryside ruining his view on the one occasion he went on a cycling trip down the country a year. He didn’t appreciate being told people actually live in the country. He objected to people living in villages too. Where he was going to find a B&B to rest his head for a night was a mystery to me.

I find this pretty common. A lot of people seem to think that areas outside Dublin should be stripped of infrastructure (e.g. universities, ITs, hospitals etc) because people can just come to Dublin for that stuff. The countryside is apparently just a place for city dwellers to visit occasionally. I guess the idea that people can be born, live their lives and die in Ireland without going to Dublin at all is foreign to a lot of folk.

Good point, but if you go down nearly any back road in Ireland you’ll find a blight of mcMansions that let’s face it do fuck all for the view. This is what we all bought into.

Yeah, it’s all Dublin people’s fault that there’s practically nowhere in the country where you have an unrestricted view without any one-off houses.
It’s also Dublin people’s fault that the vast majority of our lakes and rivers are polluted with run-off from both farms and septic tanks.
Do you know that septic tanks aren’t allowed in most countries because they just don’t do what they’re supposed to do?

One-off houses are the irish way to get cheaper property because your family owns land.
The problem is our strong property rights where: “I own the land, i can do with it what I want to” mentality.
However, your choices of what you do with the land affect others: public transport, sewage, electricity, communications. No chance one-off house owners want to pay the real cost for their choice. If they did, they’d choose to live in sustainable housing that would be more reasonably priced. However, in Ireland, the unsustainable housing is more reasonably priced than sustainable housing. How screwed up is that?

Perhaps the person you mention does exist, and perhaps your account of your conversation with him is accurately, and not even slightly self-serving. In other words, I’m not suggesting for a moment that you are taking this opportunity of erasing the memory of an argument you lost when your protagonist isn’t around to explain what he actually said.

However, I think we all know that there’s far more to the one-off housing issue than cycling Dubs wanting an unobstructed view. We have, of course, exploring those issues more comprehensively in other threads.

Its sort of interesting watching the mindset of many folk defending one-off housing (or, at least, trying to find a reason to avoid taking a critical position). Its actually a similar thought process to NAMA “if I just pretend all the points that I cannot answer don’t exist, and create a straw man argument that I can refute instead, everything will be fine”.

As we know, one-off housing in Ireland has nothing to do with housing rural people and everything to do with farmers making a profit by selling sites to folk who are not rural workers. My favourite anecdote on this score was posted on archiseek a while back.

But, yeah, far better to avoid these realities and pretend that the house built nominally in the name of a son or daughter to meet ‘local needs’ requirements, but quickly sold on, has to do with a shortage of housing in rural areas. Then, like FF with NAMA, we can hope to corral discussion in a world of make-believe.

Well said.

I agree with this - why does everybody have to live in the same shoebox appartment or 3 bed semi.
They should bring in a ban so no similar houses being built.
Have a drive around suburbian sydney (courtesy of google maps :smiley: ) and try find one house that looks the same as another. These are all managed areas with proper planning in place also but at least there is vareity. Developer land banks should be done away with or bring in a law saying you can only build 5 one house sites at a time and they all must look different. The whole country looks soul less - 9 to 5 drones heading off to work coming back to the same rip off house driving your rip off hire purchase car.

examples: … .86,0,2.7 … 5,0,12.74

That is sadly a typical worldview amongst the insular class of green that elected Ryan and Gormley. Arrogant scum :frowning:

Nevertheless we have too many one off ( and empty) houses pretty much everywhere and we shall have to make much better use of them .

A combination/admixture of:

  1. a planning ban on green field new build ,
  2. an exemption on property tax on brownfield sites for some years and longer if you retire 2 brownfields for one new build in their place
  3. enhanced property tax on empties ( often owned by green voters in Connemara or West Cork …the hypocrites )

Is required to incentivise the use of what we most certainly have .

However shooting at cyclists in the countryside is a very enjoyable way to pass a balmy summer evening I find :smiley:

Absolutely correct - from the west myself, clear to see how the Tiger Mansions have made a muck of so much of the countryside.

Which is why it is kind of too late, but any attempt to put a halt to this is to be welcomed.

Even worse when half of them are painted yellow. What is the obsession with yellow houses in this country!