Run on the banks part 3

During the beginning of the financial crisis we (deposit holders) were asked to stay loyal and don the green jersey my family took the advice and acted in accordance with what we felt was best for the banks and the Country and now we are told that that revenue has the right to access our bank accounts and take from us what they believe to be theirs and I disagree and therefore it is inevitable that one party on either side must declare a war.
I have always considered my self to be opposed to war so my deposits will simply disappear from Ireland and I will encourage all to the same.
Nice move Captain Boycott.

It’s a democracy. So pay your taxes and don’t vote FF would be my advice.

Not that I vote FF but I do not remember them stating that revenue would put their hand in my personal bank account.
Anyway I have made my decision and I refuse to pay a yearly Tax on my property as in my opinion it would simply mean that I did not own it despite paying 27k in stamp duty.

Do you own a car? If so do you pay motor tax despite having paid thousands in VAT & VRT? And please note motor tax is not ring fenced to be spent on the upkeep of our roads

Do you own a television? If so do you pay the TV despite having paid VAT on it’s purchase? Do you agree with the huge salaries paid to the RTE “starts”

Your logic is scattered I for one do not agree with the LPT and therefore will move my assets abroad under threat that revenue may interfere with my private finical business, the loss in DIRT tax will far outweigh revenues ability to garner a couple of hundred Euro in property tax.

What in tarnation are you talking about. Agreeing or disagreeing with tax is utterly irrelevant, its not a menu. I have severe problems with PAYE but somehow it happens.

if you pay the tax there will be no garnish. You are free to appeal the tax assessment but have to pay it first.

Best of luck with that!

You have a fixed asset, can’t be moved.

As Russell Crowe said in Gladiator," I will have my revenge in this life or the next"

Right or wrong doesn’t come into it.

As I said above I am going to dispatch my deposits abroad because I take issue with governmental interference in a citizens private financial affairs and I will encourage others to do like wise.

I did not pay the ‘household charge’. I intend to make life as difficult as possible for the Revenue for the ‘household tax’. I will be requesting a huge amount of information from them about the valuation, and will query everything. My intention is to cost them €€€s in administration.

With regards your suggestion, in my experience as a business owner, the way the Revenue operate is quite different to the way the likes of a local authority operates. They are ruthless bastards to put it bluntly.

The way I see this happening is the Revenue issues a bill and waits for payment.

  • Householder doesn’t pay
    Warning letter from Revenue
  • Still no payment

‘Action’ letter from Revenue saying that they will either:
A. Take money from wages
B. Take money from Social welfare
C. Take money from bank account

  • Still no payment

If the Revenue still doesn’t get the money (no bank account/wages or social welfare) then the county sheriff gets called in and bailiffs appear on your door looking for goods to sell. They’ll also charge you extra in ‘fees’ and ‘penalties’

These are the bastards we are dealing with now. Since the Bank guarantee it is US against the Government. Be wise to it and fight it if you can. The more people that fight, the better chance of success we have.

“The difference between tax avoidance and tax evasion is the thickness of a prison wall.”
Denis Healey

Just do what anyone else does.
Use the money you owe the banks to pay revenue.
Don’t pay one month mortgage and use it to pay the other f4ckers. you’ll be grand.

You might want to contact these lads

The freeman movement will also waste your time, don’t delay joining up.

Poor form.
Poor form.

Property Tax is but another ideologically driven stake not into the vampires heart but by the vampire itself into the hearts and minds of the terrified. Divide and conquered for control to dehumanise.


Believe the lies of poverty’s rise.

From Today’s Irish times letters page

Sir, – What is the point of Government agencies warning the elderly not to be keeping their savings at home “under the mattress”, when the Revenue Commissioners are publicly threatening to plunder the same nest eggs when lodged in bank accounts (Home News, February 22nd)? – Yours, etc,

Fremont Drive,
Melbourn Estate, Cork. … 4330415722

try Sophistry… very civilised.

Are your feelings on income tax as strong? Would you prefer to raise income tax to avoid property tax?

The tax base should have been broadened a long time ago. No among of pretentious gibberish can disguise the fact that most of the opposition is based the same narrow minded selfishness and economic illiteracy that caused the bubble in the first place.

How does this represent a broadening of the tax base?

Me not leading economist? Me gibberish? Me uncivilised? :cry:

UGH! You non sequitur. :imp:

You’re referring to capitalism and its attendant offshoots/underlying assumptions right?